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Rogue EA-3 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag

Sound Quality

Sounds like it should once you get it tuned up. It has a typical clean sound, not too deep, a little on the tinny side. As usual with most guitars, strings are cheap, cheap, cheap. Running it through a Line 6 15W practice amp, but when I put it through my 75W Line 6 spyder amp and play around with different settings you can really get some strange stuff. Just learning to play it. It has good sustain, almost too much. Normal single pickup hum, had to raise the pickup some to get decent levels of volume. No biggie. Intonation is OK, not great. Reviews on different sites rate it all over the board, mine is pretty good. It makes standard steel slide guitar sounds, no pedal obviously, and this is a starter unit. That is it. For the price, what do you expect? Overall, very pleasing sound for practice in the home.


Withstand live playing? I don't know that a steel lap guitarist would use something this simple. So no, I don't think live playing is in the cards for this model. Maybe for a church service. Hardware is OK, except for the tuners. Did I say the tuners are really junk? Finish is thick and shiny, should last for a long time. Chrome plate seems good, as does the knobs. Legs are OK. Kind of like a tripod deal. It's a practice unit, not a gig unit. The tuning problems are OK when you have the time to mess with it at home. Keep it there. No, you cannot depend on it to make money with it, unless you do free gigs.

General Comments

This was one of those things where I am playing guitar and I got the "what other string instruments are there" bug. Bought a mandolin and this lap steel at the same time to try other things out. I have too many guitars now. I don't play the lap steel much, but everytime I light it off I love the sounds.

I find that it is hard to find books on the subject. Everybody seems to want to teach you 8 string pedals.

I wish I had just got a lap unit, I feel like I should keep the legs on for some strange reason. Then it just takes up room in my playing area.

I wish I had tried one out first, I may not have bought it, because of the tuners.

Broke, lost or stolen, I would say heck with it, and buy a more expensive unit, probably with pedals. Then I could get more instruction books that actually match.

Overall, Rogue seems to be having a quality raising period. I have three Rogue units now, this lap steel, an electric mandolin and their lipstick guitar. They all play fine for what you pay, and the value for the buck is really, really hard to match. A simple 6 string lap Morrell can go for hundreds. Start with this. You won't be sorry. And it comes in colors!!

After paying hundreds for a Grestch hollowbody, it seems strange somehow to be able to buy a Rogue unit of any type for pennies on the dollar of others. If I was a real pro, maybe I could justify it, but for most of us non-performing people, companies like Rogue help out.

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