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Sound Quality

this guitar sounds excellent, especially considering the price and age of the guitar. ( H-S-H )the neck pickup is very loud and punchy, not muddy at all. the bridge pickup is also good but i think it seems a tiny bit under-powered compared to the neck. the sigle middle pickup is nice sounding and produces a good strat like tone. overall very good sound and tone !


if you have ever heard about marlin guitars you will know they are nearly indestructible !! this guitar would definetly with stand live playing and i feel i can depend on it at any time. the paint is very thickly slapped on and would take a smashing to chip or crack it. the hardware is black and hasn't worn off one little bit.

General Comments

i have been playing for a while and have owned various guitars but nothing comes near to my precious marlins (the other marlin is a black state of the art series, read the review :). i also own a randall 75watt tube amp and an ART SGX2000. brilliant guitar and a crazily low price. if any of my marlins were stolen (especially State of the art series one) good look finding one to replace it as the loner and state of the art series are very hard to come by.


If anyone has any information on marlin loner guitars please e-mail me on joel_weston@hotmail.co.uk

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