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Sound Quality

The sound quality is excellent. I have been able to dial in killer harmonies with or without dynamic control and the Whammy sound is EXACTly like my WH-1 (This unit was made for Digitech by IVL as stated on the faceplate and rear of the unit) but with digital control and no calibration issues. I have seen other reviews that say this does not track well compared to the IPS 33B and DHP33. It tracks exactly the same if you set it up properly as discussed in the manual. I read a review with someone ripping on how bad his DHP55 was only to get to the end of the review and find out he was discussing a studio 5000 which he said was a DHP55 on steroids. It is NOT the same assembly language code as used by IVL and therefore a completely unfair and misguided review based on a box with entirely different software. My signal path is Raven West PRS style hollowbody guitar to input of DHP send out to ADA MP2, MP2 FX send to return of DHP, output of DHP to input of Korg DL8000R, output of Korg to FX return of ADA, output of ADA to Epiphone Valve Jr. This allows the DHP to have perfect tracking while at the same time allows the actual sound of the effect to occur after the distortion from my ADA. It is basically in the ADA's FX loop even though the guitar is plugged directly into the DHP. If all the levels are set properly the tone is killer without any extraneous noise or unwanted ditortion. I don't use hardly anything but the harmonizer in the DHP since my ADA MP2 has all analog tube and solid state preamp, analog compression, analog 9 band graphic EQ, analog wah, analog tremolo, analog (killer)chorus, analog noise gate, analog speaker simulation, all under digital control. My Korg DL8000R is used for almost all my delay needs and has quite impressive depth and tone. Pitch Shifting/Whammy = 10 (perfect Morello tone, U2 shimmer, Vai, Floyd, etc.) Chord Shifter = 8 does a reasonable 12 string impersonation without sounding glitchy Distortion = ? I use my ADA for this EQ = 7 a bit noisy if dialed in wrong but I rarely use it. Analog and Digital Compressor = ? I use my ADA for this Chorus = ? I use my ADA for this and sometimes the Korg Tremolo = ? I use my ADA for this Flanger = 7 Not much variety but does get a great EVH MXR sound it splits duties with the Korg for my flanging needs. noise gate = ? don't use noise gates Delay = 8 there is a multi tap, stereo, and sampling delay they are actualy pretty nice sounding but my Korg does all of this exeptionally but the rare times I use it it sounds great. I am sure I left some stuff out but this rating is based on what the unit is mainly designed for Harmonizing and Whammy.


I have no idea how reliable this will be down the road but I have not had any issues with mine.

General Comments

For 1/2 the price of a used WH-1 you get the EXACT same IVL algos and sound plus a whole lot more. For that it gets a 10


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