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Sound Quality

I used this guitar with my Epiphone Sheraton II, Epiphone Joe Pass, Ibanez RT150, Telecaster and my Roland XP10 and Yamaha CS6X synths. It suits my music style fine and can work for jazz, funk, r&b, pop, classic rock. It plays very loud clean, the reverb is OVERKILL... way too much for my taste. I don't see the use in trying to get a stadium effect, room, hall effect is great for recording effects, but it is still a great amp and I find the distortion is good enough with the right amount of dialling in on the knobs.


I have depended it on it for 12 years now and it has held up fine. The speaker was torn, but the cone was fine, some repair to the speaker was done and it is as if I never had an issue. I read one review from a Canadian who wrote up his speakers had issues but still give this amp low scores because it sounded the way ANY amplifier would sound with broken speakers regardless of the brand name and expensive price tag.

General Comments

I have been playing electic guitar since 1987 I own 10 guitars, 3 Jazz bodies, 2 semi hollow bodies, 2 solid bodies, and 3 acoustic guitars and 2 bass guitars (jazz and precision).


If this amplifier was stolen I would look for another PSC212 or find me a newer Peavey amplifier.

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