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Sound Quality

Besides this one 5 grand breedlove I played once, it is the best sounding guitar I have found. It is mellow and warm, but the sound isn't muddy, it is crisp. I play mostly folk and jazz, while singing and it blends with my voice, rather than overpowering it, or cutting through it, which is something you need to think about if you are singer buying a guitar. You make look silly singing in the guitar store, but you should do it anyway. You need to know if it is complimentary, and this guitar is for me.


Never gig without a backup! I think this is a silly question. No one wants to wait for you to change a string, and strings breaking has more to do with the guitarist and the strings than the guitar. I have never had anything go wrong with this guitar, I shipped it cross country and it was fine. Feels solid and tough, but it is my baby and I don't abuse it.

General Comments

This guitar wasn't cheep, but it makes me happy every time I pick it up and I plan on having it for at least another 50 years, so that breaks down like 15 cents a day...which seems like a screaming deal to me.


I have been playing for over 15 years. Sometimes much more seriously than others, but always it has been my therapy of choice. I would be literally distraught if something happened to it, and I would search far and wide for something with the same sounds and feel, but at this level of guitar, no two guitars, regardless of model number are exactly the same. I played larrivees (solid guitars, a close second), martins (mostly bad regarldless of price), gibsons (too bright usually), and breedloves (a little flashy and a lot too expensive for me), but this was the right guitar at the right time for me.

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