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  1. Only had time for the first episode so far - but I have spent the last day or so listening to Jimmie Rodgers as a result.
  2. I'm watching the iPad 1s, 2s, and 3s. Right now I have chordpro on my phone and I think it'll work fine on a larger screen. Thanks for the help.
  3. I'm currently shopping iPad 2's on eBay hoping to pull one in at $100 or less, which I think is doable if I'm patient. Then it's a matter of seeing what software best suits my needs. I've used the ultimate guitar app a lot, and I have songbook chordpro on my phone. I'll probably see if those are sufficient before shelling out the extra money for OnSong.
  4. Hmmm. That might be manageable! A 9.7" iPad under $200, and I can go from there and figure out what software fits my needs. Even if I don't go with OnSong, the pad will synchronize with what I already have on my phone.
  5. I've considered hanging tight with my notebooks until such time as an iPad is within reach - I'd also like to play with GarageBand more and it's rough on a phone - but I was hoping to find something that works in the interim. I know there are some reasonably priced tablets out there. Has anyone had enough experience with one to know if a Fire or something along those lines would be adequate with Songbook or OnSong?
  6. As the font gets bigger, the songbooks get thicker! I'm totally on board with the serendipity aspect - my format means there's several songs per page, and I'll often just flip at random and pick a song to play. Part of why I'd like to go digital is the organizational flexibility. Right now everything is just alphabetical, which works great if I'm looking for a particular song, but if a cheesy 70s number hits (for example) it would be nice to quickly access a list of similar songs.
  7. Should have covered that in the OP, my bad. I use reading glasses and have been able to use chord apps on my iphone while wearing them, but it is not ideal. I'm looking for a bigger screen and an ability to make the text large enough to read without the glasses. In my homemade fake book right now, the font is Ariel and the size is 36, and I can read it without the glasses. Here's an example of the format I use - it's pretty half-assed, but it works for me. Ideally, I would like a screen large enough for this to be readable on a stand/table/floor while I'm playing. It's even possible that the right App run on my iphone would be sufficient. Against The Wind G Bm / C G / D C ( C D ) :/ Em D G / Em C G / Em D C / C D G Bm / C G / C Am G
  8. My needs are few. Don't need to store sheet music or backing tracks. Mostly Fake Book style chord charts and occasionally lyrics. Nothing fancy, just text. But it has to have sufficient onboard memory because I cannot always rely on wifi to access cloud - The software needs to have an intuitive way of filing, categorizing, and accessing the songs on the fly - even as simple as a title/artist/playlist sorting function. Budget is a big consideration. Any recommendations?
  9. As we speak, I'm watching 'Eight Days a Week' on Hulu. My 14 year old is mesmerized and neglecting her homework. This is why I'll always be a 'Beatle Guy.'
  10. The Beatles CD roll out was a big deal. There was controversy over whether they would use the US or U.K. Versions. Beatles have been late to the game for every new format. Oddly enough, so have AC/DC.
  11. As is 'Sgt. Pepper.' Yet I agree with both of these statements.
  12. Love them both, too. But I was about 10 years old when I first started getting into popular music, and the Beatles were much more easily digestible. There are a couple of artists whose catalog I would bring to the proverbial deserted island ahead of the Beatles, but the Beatles are more a part of musical DNA than any of them.
  13. Not to stray from topic, but I didn't gain a full appreciation for the Stones until later in life. Sirius had a dedicated Stones channel, and listening to it really made me appreciate the depth, breadth, and consistency of their catalog. I filled the holes in my collection, and now I listen to them much more than the Beatles. I'll always consider myself a 'Beatle Guy,' but sort of in the same way that my sister, who moved to Tennessee right after College in Virginia, considers herself a 'Jersey Girl.' Looking forward to setting aside some time to listen to the remix.
  14. You respond the same way as you would if you gave a great performance: "Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the show."
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