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  1. It was Mohinder: [YOUTUBE]tfdBJUMZB0U[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]_Jyv5KO_euc[/YOUTUBE]
  2. I've got the Deluxe and it's a killer pedal. It sounds great with single coils and humbuckers. I'm running it into a loud, clean amp...
  3. It's all good. Throw her your boner. ...and it's "separated"
  4. I have one. It's a great amp. As far as clipping diodes, the Silver Jubilee has the same thing, and those sound great... I have a 2205.
  5. I just spraypainted mine black and pulled a resistor to make it vintage modified. They're the same price, though. Why would you go through the work?
  6. My plans were to flip it, haha. Sorry dude. I snagged it. It's my back up Zero for now. FWIW, the Zero is {censored}ing spectacular! I'm running it in front of a handmade HIWATT DR103 clone...
  7. Unfortunately, with my job, I have to hold all positions for 21 days. I avoid all trading.
  8. scott i really hope you've been serious with all this BP love. it has made me very happy. Of course. The dude always sounds A+.
  9. I love mine! Shouldn't have sold my Mayo in the past, though...
  10. Autopsy Burzum Camel Death Emperor Faith No More Goo Goo Dolls Hellhammer Iron Maiden Jay-Z King Diamond The Lawrence Arms Metallica New Found Glory Obituary Panic At the Disco Queensryche A Rocket to the Moon Slayer Thou Shalt Suffer Umphrey's Mcgee Voivod Watchtower Xzibit Youth of Today Zombie Apocalypse
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