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  1. I went to go visit Subway for lunch and it was one of the BEST Subway's that I have EVER had I was going to walk over across the street to get there, but I couldn't wait, so I drove over to Subway and jumped in line. I got the Steak and Cheese on the Cheese and Italian herb roll. They looked me in the eye and said, waddayawantonit? ..... I looked at them and said. EVERYTHINGDAMMIT ! (exceptforblackolivesorpickles) ..... they piled all the goodness on, BIG WIDE TOUGH AND TALL !! ....just the way I like it. ....when they got to the hot peppers section, I told them that I needed a bunch !!! ....... and they did!!! they piled hot pepper rings and jalapenos all over the thing. The lady had a hard time wrapping it up, but she finally got it. I had a $5 gift cert. and that made paying and getting back out on the road so sawwWw-EEeETTT ! I drove back to my work and did a illegal turn on the way, just because my stomach told me to. I jumped out of the car and ran up to the pop cooler to grab me a Coke. When I sat down at my desk and unraveled the sandwich, it was like spring loaded and stuff popped out EVERYWHERE ! I carefully gathered up what I could and crammed it back into the roll. Then, it happened ! As I took the first bite, my mouth had a total orgazum in response to the TOTAL FLAVOR BURST that had suddenly showed up. The flavor was completely balanced, yet explosive. I tried to scream, but my mouth was full. Finally after I settled down, I tried to type on Open Jam with one hand as my other hand, covered in vinegar, oil and Chipotle sauce tried to continually cram all the flavorful goodness in my mouth. Each bite was like dying and going to heaven, it was that good. I think I will write Subway a letter and thank them for building such wonderful sandwiches. ....and did you know that if you had another roll, you could scrape up all the stuff that fell out of the first sandwich and build yourself a second sandwich for free !!! I honestly feel like I lost 10 or 12 pounds. !!!
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