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  1. Here in NC we have pretty lax laws on strip clubs. If they are all nude, then they can't sell you alcohol but you can bring your own beer. Two examples of this. 1. The club has you pay an amount and the option to rent a cooler from them. There is a bar here in Winston-Salem, where they allow you to pay 13 bucks at the door. You can take beer only in. Then watch all nude chicks dance. The chicks can touch themselves, and sometimes one another how ever they want. So you can see masturbation to some degree, and girls kiss, or rub each other on stage. Also VIPS and lap dances are all nude. Pretty cool, except the place is small and always crowded. 2. The all nude club that takes your beer at the door, and makes you buy it back, and sends bouncers in the VIP rooms to keep an eye on you. Those places suck. 3. The regular topless and g-string club that sells booze. So whats the rules like where you guys are at.
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