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  1. Moog ring mod $220 EHX flanger hoax $140 electra 606ad analog delay (dm-2/3 alike) $80 boss hi band flanger hf-2 $60 ibanez de-7 $50 mid-fi 4 knob pitch pirate with awesome custom paint $180 Boss tu-2 (front painted silver but fully functional) $60 MINTY green sovtek big muff (the best sounding of the 5 or so ive played) $200 green sovtek small stone (beat cosmetically but functionbs perfectly) $70
  2. yamaha shs-10 keytar for sale. nice and compact, highly desirable for using as a midi controller. lots of fun. this is the red version, and it works like a charm. looking for $225 or to trade toward a black mpc 1000
  3. I can tell from experience that there are morons in all forums. Wouldn't you agree? there wouldn't be if inscho would finally make me a mod though, this i can assure.
  4. if such a forum did theoretically exist, it was started to get away from morons on other forums, so, morons on this forum, probably don't bother trying to get invited.
  5. for whoever was wondering, based on the My Girls video nowadays geologist is rocking 2 Roland sp-555s and Panda Bear still has his too boss sp-202s.
  6. album of the year 09 {censored} is like, so ridiculous its blowing my mind.
  7. uhh digitech turbo flange, pds 20/20, polychorus, ps-3
  8. digiverb is the cheapest, but the others mentioned do the reverse thing too. none of them really sound as reversey and good as a rack reverse verb or one done with studio trickery.
  9. I am impressed!!! that is waht I need... does the mixer need to good to make the sound good? or not {censored} it? I am not making myself clear, am I? how would I go on to get the right mixer or anyone would do? a crappy mixer works fine. mine is pretty much the cheapest behringer pile of {censored} you can buy. eventually its my intention to switch to a sturdy dj style rackmount mixer, much nicer to use.
  10. Whats the upper left keyboard? i used to have one just like it. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showpost.php?p=32424864&postcount=15
  11. That looks like an ace set up, feedback loops are so much fun to play about with, what's the keyboard in the second picture btw? the one behind the amp? its the same casio in the top left on the bed pic. casio MT-70. awesome lo-fi rhodes sound and others.
  12. the moog pedals have various routing options with CV that you could use with it. no cheap by any means.
  13. Like the Yamaha E1005. Don't see many of those around. it is my favorite analog delay unit i've owned, by far. at the time i got it (for $50 off CL randomly not knowing anything about them) i was buying and flipping a lot of delays. i remember i got a DMM (old cord attatched model) about a week before i got this... and the yeamaha completely blew the DMM out of the water in every day. better modulation, longer delay time, no annoying level/preamp issues... plus having it sit amp top frees board space and makes tweaking settings/oscillating noise fests way easier. i love my delay vcr.
  14. no clips ready to post right this second but im gonna work on some getting some new stuff ready for ears in the near future
  15. okay so i set up my rig now with instruments running into the channels of my mixer. the way its wired, i've got the fx send on the mixer running out to my board, then back into the mixer on its own channel. the way i have it set up i can have it either 100% wet fx or add some dry signal by messing with the track panning. and the really fun part comes in with feedback loops... when i start to turn up the fx loop send on the fx loop channel, it puts my whole board in a feedback loop that i can handily control. doing some really fun stuff with this. usually you think of feedback loops making harsh annoying noise but ive been doing really cool chill mellow drone kinda sounds this way (with some bursts of brain melting noise sprinkled here and there.) anyways then the out from my mixer goes to a line 6 tap trem, yamaha e1005 analog delay, and an ibanez dm1100 and then out to my kustom II Lead combo. I've got my old school casiotone 202 set up with flanger hoax and akai intelliphase, my cheapy zoom drum machine, bass, guitar, various other casios, and at some point probably a mic running into the mixer. im probably gonna try to integrate a nintendo DS into this once i buy a flashcart. this set up is so conducive so doing drone type stuff. i am having a ton of fun. total rats nest too, i love it. onto pics... the board chain is... alesis philtre > dod wah > ps-3 > doom powerdrive > dod octave > moog ring mod > pds 20/20> ibanez pm7 > digitech turboflange > digiverb > behringer reverb > headrush the footswitches to the side control the amp top delay stuff delays, mixer, and amp top stuff and the {censored} im pumping through it
  16. i think ill be at the listening party at music millenium in portland on the 3rd and buying a physical copy as soon as i can actually afford to.
  17. be warned, i found at least one link that was a rickroll
  18. it is a 160 kbps vinyl rip. the quality is not the best, and i have a feeling a proper cd/mp3 mastered rip will sound a bit different, but the quality is more than good enough.
  19. more built off electronics more 'songy' more consistent than their previous records which i love but tend to skip songs on still weird as hell exciting to listen to, changes wildly at random... but not in a jarring way AND AMAZING also, incredibly well sequences, especially if you get a rip like mine where its just seperated into 4 vinyl sides. they sequenced it like a record should be, each side progresses like its only mini album. this record is a big evolution for them for sure.
  20. oh god, this video? worst demo evaaaar. i gotta gets mea xp-1000 some day.
  21. anyone else catch this leak yet? it is, no exaggeration, the best new music i have heard in a seriously long time. it is out there, but i know phil isn't too eager to have pirating going on here so hunt it down!
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