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  1. Hello! I'm a singer/songwriter, doing most things myself (production and mixing) and I'm looking for a collaboration group of people doing sort the same thing. A little like-minded could be good, yet different genres shouldn't be that much a hindrance. I realize I need people to listen to my early outlines for songs (early mix-stage) and the on a late mix-stage for more refined mix feedback. Likewise I believe listening to others and giving them feedback is a good thing. Even if I was genius at my stuff, I would need an outside perspective, because I get blind and will often lock myself into one way of thinking, missing obvious things and so on. My stuff is here: https://geirsolerod.bandcamp.com/ I write songs in both norwegian and english, and I understand I need to find a few Norwegian people to really be able to respond well to my norwegian songs. But, for my english songs there should be a larger possibility out here? I feel I'm on a stage now, where I need to take things a step further, so, although comments from the average Joe can be fine, I need to find someone with a certain level and interest in production and mixing. Do you know of such a group? Anyone, who'd like to join me in one? Geir
  2. Sorry, bridge it is Thanks!
  3. I sanded down the holes in the saddle, not adding anything (don't think adding those edges is necessary). Seems to work fin. Thanks a lot! (Sorry no pictures..)
  4. Thanks! Yes, I guessed that was what so. No, you're right, I don't have any ebony laying around. I'll see what I can find. Super glue vs. wood glue? My camera is a little malfunctioning. I'll see what I can do.
  5. Thanks! Very helpful tips. I'll do as you say.. What's "powered ebony"?
  6. Hi! I have a problem with my d-string breaking. I've put on 2 new sets now, and it breaks within a day. Looks like it's not the bridge but the fastening that causes the beak, but I'm not 100% sure. The guitar is some 20 years old, and the fastening holes are ripped a little by the strings in the fastening. What is a typical way to fix this? Note that the back/right side is easy accessible, but the front/left hole is not so easy to do anything with.
  7. Well, not really. But, if you had a good concept of analog mixing and good pc-skills, then you could grasp it quite quick. There are many different concepts needed to be understood.
  8. I'm in Reaper, one of the most newbie-unfriendly DAWs out there. Yet, because of the price-point and acessabillity, it attracks many new to DAWs/PC/audio-production. It's important for us seasoned users to be aware that modern audio-production draws on a big field of skills needed, general pc-knowledge being one of them. To the question raised: Will the OS-part grow up, be really user-friendly and easy understandable, even for young/old/newbies? Well, for one thing, time has come when you don't longer need to be a tweak-guru to get the OS working for DAW. Many things are plug-and-play, and settings left to default. Load up vstis and samples in a modern PC, and it handles it pretty well.
  9. What do you think of Cajun vs. Djembe vs. Conga in terms of usefulness for this group?
  10. Thanks! Yes, we have a set of small-percussion, so I'd just like to add some bass-heavy options.
  11. Hi! Can you recommend me some percussion-instruments like Djembe and Congas, suitable for public school 6-12years age? I'm looking for some instruments to take the bass-part in perc-circles and band/ensembles. I'm thinking of a couple of Cajuns, like: http://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_cajon_box1.htm and a couple of other instruments. What do you recommend? Any considerations you find important? Price and lifespan/durability is a factor. Thomann all could be nice. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! Well, that's a show-stopper for me as I need the divice to automatically go to next track..
  13. Hi! I'm looking into the Digitech JamMan stereo, for use on stage triggering backing-music and soundeffects for a small theater-group. Question: Stop-mode, do I have to manually select next slot/loop or can it automatically go from slot/loop#1 to #2 ? Anything else you might think I'd like to know about it? Thanks!
  14. http://soundcloud.com/mlts9984/lord-over-all-1 Here's a song I wrote; Thankfully I had someone else to sing it for me. it's done in logic pro, I tracked everything on a focusrite saffire 40, most of the guitars were mic'ed, a few of the lead parts I redid direct with logic's amp sims. The vocals were done with an AKG 214ce into a focusrite voicemaster Nice. Lacks mastering, but guess you know. Nice sounds and playing. Overall very well done. Thanks for recognizing that I'm lord over all
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