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  1. Originally Posted by reverberlayed HNPD! I've been interested in the Elements for a varied dirt tone to my OCD and Rat and its seems like it could cover a lot of ground. I can relate to people not wanting a lot of knobs, I find myself tweaking it every time I stomp on it. I don't like that, even though it many settings may sound good, too many options polarizes me. If you like those two pedals, you'd definitely like the Elements.......in the same genre, imo. The only negative to having too many good sound and too many good options in one pedal, is that you'd have to buy another to utilize contrasting settings. I could easily see having 2 Elements on a board.
  2. yeah, I suppose that's just a matter of personality. I've never tried the whetstone, but it looks right up my alley.
  3. I'm kind of torn..........there are some good options on eBay, or some Antiquities I or II.
  4. Originally Posted by stevics My CIJ has the standard Japanese JM PU at the bridge and an American JM PU at the neck. This works well for me. I really didn't like the CIJ bridge pickup. thin, 2D and harsh. I didn't mind the neck.
  5. Originally Posted by macadood i think he was joking bro its nice to have lots of knobs and things to fiddle with, like the elements and a Whetstone. allows you to get tons of different sounds. however my problem is that i just end up tweaking way too much and playing around with it and can never settle on a setting. let go of both my elements and whetstone even though i quite liked them. there's a reason pedals like the phase 90, dyna comp, or rangemaster are such classics. Cliff Fiscal is a serious d00d , and don't call him bro. Hmmm......constantly diddling knobs isn't a problem for me. I find the the flexibility keeps me from dicking around, and allows me to get exactly what I'm looking for quickly.......rather than being unable to get what I need from one or two knobs. If you're looking for classics...........well, I guess you should stick with those then.
  6. I have yet to come across any pedal, amp, or gear that was too complicated. I don't really understand people's fear of knobs?
  7. Originally Posted by Aristotle Don't even like that many knobs on my amp. But NPD! Too complicated for you? Originally Posted by macadood and how nice is the footswitch on it!? the nice soft stomp.....I'm glad this is becoming popular.
  8. I still like my Bogner Red as my main dirty sound, but I think the Elements will help add a little variety. It's really amazing how different and awesome it can sound. If I were still playing stoner downtuned stuff, the elements would definitely be my first choice for fuzz-like distortion. Another thing......the clips and demos don't do too much justice for this pedal. It's weird.....sounds great in person, but the demos don't really showcase it.
  9. Originally Posted by Elessar [sly] How much did that set you back? The only thing that puts me off about Dr. Scientist pedals is the price. They sound great. I did a trade, but I think they're going for $130-$160? For what they are, they're worth it.......I mean it's everything from a clean boost, EQ, low to high gain..........fuzz, OD, and distortion type sounds.
  10. It's pretty good. damn. A lot of hype around this pedal......still......it certainly stands up to most of that hype. It sounds good, is ultimately flexible, and built very well (cool looking glass led). Need to play with it more, but it may even boot my Supercollider off the board.
  11. My other big thing is microphonic feedback. I'm getting a little with high gain at gig volume with the Picassos..........but that's usually closer to the amp. (not sure if it's the pickups or something else causing it?) Will the singles be any better or worse?
  12. Originally Posted by hotmess Mascis says that Seymour Duncan Antiquities are the closest to the original that he's tried. I or II?
  13. I've done some research as to what pickups are available: Fralin, Lollar, SD, Novak, Rose, GFS, etc..... I've currently got some Rose Picassos in my CIJ JM....which are humbucking JM pickups. They're pretty sweet, but I'd like to regain some of that authentic JM tone. I'm just not sure which single coil JM pickups are more classic JM sounding, but yet still handle higher gain as well? suggestions?
  14. Originally Posted by t-rey Yep - exactly the ones that I've been thinking about. Would you suggest the same mods you mentioned for the MIJ models, or are other things better for the Squiers? I think the Squiers have a 9.5" radius fretboard, so the Mustang bridge won't really work (unless you shim or file the fixed saddles to match the radius). Warmoth sells an adjustable Mustang bridge, which works better for the Squier. Only thing I think I read is that it can sometimes put the strings too close to the edge of the fretboard (but that may have been the tighter vintage radius necks?). Otherwise, most suggest upgrading the pickups at least. You could probably make the rest work. Just remember teflon tape, loctite, and clear tape are all your friends. stops rattles and things coming loose all the time
  15. They say these are real nice.... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guita...lectric-guitar ...but you probably still have to do some modding to make it work reliably. They are quirky guitars, that for sure.
  16. Originally Posted by t-rey Thanks man - I have really had my eye on a red jazzmaster, but didn't know how much I could use it for the heavies. The pickups are pretty similar to p90s, right? So that should be good since I like my SG. And I wonder if the grumpy cat breed has shot up in price recently because of all the memes and exposure. They can do the heavy.....Jucifer uses one, doesn't she? I just picked one up recently. CIJ Jazzy in red. I'm planning on using it for heavier punk metal, tuned to Eb. Great guitar. Anywho, plan on modding it to some point. #1 the bridge. They have threaded vintage style saddles, and the strings jump out of the threads with standard tuning and standard gauge strings. The Mustang bridge is a great drop in replacement for the CIJ (7.25" radius neck), but for down tuned stuff, you'd probably have to file the slots a bit larger. They also make a "Buzz Stop", with is a drop in add-on part to add more tension to the strings. Start with the mustang bridge (if you get a CIJ), and if the strings still jump out.......add the buzz stop. #2 the tremolo. It works really well surprisingly and stays in tune while floating. That said you can lock it in place, if you don't use it. It utilizes a rocking bridge.....which may or may not give you trouble, depending on how hard you play. You can always wrap the bridge posts in tape to reduce the amount of movement, if it's a problem. #3 the pickups. A CIJ comes stock with faux Jazzmaster pickups. Basically Strat pickups in a Jazzmaster cover. The neck was okay, but the bridge was thin. Plenty of options from Vintage to modern to humbuckers. #4 the circuit. The Rhythm circuit is interesting. basically turns your bright, twangy JM into a soft jazz box. Might be cool for fuzzed out solos or something like that. I went from this: to this: I like the pickups, but I may switch to more authentic single coil pickups in the end.
  17. Throw another DOD FX 17 on my board....they're pretty cheap, and already have the line selector.
  18. ^thanks.... Not really a cheap solution within just a single pedal, unless I used a cheap wah pedal physically fixed in place.
  19. Originally Posted by SpaceFlunky Yeah, that's pretty close.....looks expensive? Originally Posted by goodhonk do you have an ipod? No, I do not have an ipod.
  20. What's a good pedal for that cocked wah tone? My plan is to use a blender to mix in some cocked wah thickness into my standard tone. Just a little honk. What do you think? Do they make a pedal with clean blend built into it??
  21. I stacked recently :sigh:......well, I'm running an Arc Effects Klone set clean-ish always on at the beginning of my chain... Still don't like stacking otherwise. People constantly talk about it, but I still don't quite get it. One dirt/fuzz pedal usually takes away most of the clarity I want.
  22. Coors Light in london is an import. fancy.
  23. Originally Posted by Dr.Picklebottom ugh gross, foo fighters. thats somehow worse. Their self-titled album is awesome.
  24. I still like Silverchair. I liked it when Frogstomp came out, and liked Silverchair up to Neon Ballroom.......after that I lost interest. I never really heard them on the radio, just listened to their albums start to finish. A lot of haters here, and I never knew Silverchair got such a bad rap. I agree that it can sound somewhat dated listening to it today, but it's probably a bit of nostalgia that keeps it appealing to me. as to what sounds like silverchair............hmmmm......nothing really. All of Silverchair's albums sound unique to each other...............people can lump silverchair in with grunge or radio pop rock......but I don't think they fall into either catagory. As for recommendations, .........as it would depend if they have moved on from Silverchair since, or never really listened to anything else. If they're a huge Silverchair fan, you may want to look into some of their rarity releases. Or maybe a giant wall poster or something only a die-hard would love. If they're a music lover, you can probably get away with a bunch of good music suggestions. Just seek out something with strong melodic vocals, and rock music roots. Foo Fighters come to mind.
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