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  1. The Agile will be here Monday! nice. Oh, I forgot to mention that it's the Red Spalted model..... http://www.rondomusic.com/al3000wineredspalted.html
  2. Get your "marshall on" and keep some change in your pocket.
  3. Still available! Depending on what I have for sale sells, I may end up keeping it. So far only a 12 string has sold, so it stays up! Good luck!
  4. Yep, exactly how I found the VB. Good luck finding a set to replace if you're going that route! I'm hoping the Dimarzio 36th PAFs work......that's more up my alley, but I've never tried them before. Who knows if they'll match the PRS or not? I wanted a set of used PRS lower output pickups, but they're really expensive.
  5. Yeah, an 89 will be alder. Nice looking axe! Very sweet. Haven't heard of this Chainsaw pickup before though... thought the stock was HFS. Anyway, hated my Vintage Bass but know others who like it. Thanks. Apparently the Chainsaw was the pickup before the HFS, all slugs and no adjustable pole pieces. The chainsaw is pretty rare....I know it's the chainsaw because of the pole pieces, and the sticker on the bottom that says "chainsaw" The Chainsaw is ultra HOT output....sounds good for high output, but I prefer low output vintage pickups. The Vintage Bass in the neck is okay, but sort of dark and fat.
  6. I dig the black parts on the wine red! Cool knob layout too.
  7. '89 CE24 bolt on maple/alder (I think it's alder) plain top. It has the stock pickups, Chainsaw in the bridge, and Vintage Bass in the neck.
  8. Josh I was just wondering if you were around today? Yeah, I hang around the other forums more than OJ. I have a lil story for ya, since you like wine red Les Pauls. I ordered and SG Classic and was not happy with it, the wood grain patterns were bad and you could see and basic mismatch of the wood. I have also owned a SG standard since 1980 and the wood is prefect, so the classic end up looking like scrap wood Gibson should have tossed. So I sent if back and what MF sent me the next time around was a Les Paul Studio in wine red with gold hardware. I was actually pissed, even though it cost more money and no body would have known if I kept it. Turns out Gibson does even do there own inventory work, but a company is hired to do it for em. They clowns jsut stuck it in a wrong shipping box. I end up sending that back in the hope of getting a decent SG classic.The clowns at MF send me back the one I had in the first place ( wrote down the serial number and the crappy wood grain pattern look very familiar to say the least). Anyway I finally got a decent SG Classic, with P90's I know you dig photos, so here my 1980 SG standard and the Classic with the P90's. My 1982 LP Gold top standard. If you look at the SG Standard pic, notice the slightly larger head stock and all the out put jack is mounted on the side. Not normal for an SG, but actually better. Yeah, I've had some fun experiences with MF too. I was trying to order a set of tuners for my Strat. Was very careful to select the 6 inline set. They sent me the 3+3 set. I call to return them, and they basically tell me to keep them, take the refund, and order the proper set. So that's what I did. Get the refund and just buy another set....this time from Music123 (discounts), and sure enough.....3+3 set again! ARG. Sick of dealing with them, I just took 3 from each set and made a right handed set. I also now have a left handed set of hipshot locking tuners. (I need to sell those) MF is just a store front, but I think a lot of the online companies share the same stocking facility? Those are some great looking guitars!!
  9. the thread title is wrong and I can't change it.....it is in fact the YBA-1....sorry about the mix up.
  10. I like the Wine Red finish....I'm hoping it's a little darker than the picture with flash shows.....but wine red, gold top and vintage sunburst are my favorite LP finishes.
  11. Welcome to the dark side. I'm in a PRS mode these days. HNGDx2 Thanks. This and the PRS should leave me with nothing else to GAS for. (riiiiiight! )
  12. It will cost as much as the guitar, but a set of Gibson 57 Classics would be sweet in your Agile! Not too concerned about that. As I could pull them, if for some reason I don't bond with it. I have some old Super Distortions just sitting.....but I'm not sure I want anything that hot.
  13. love the finish on that...beautiful! Hope it works out for you. thanks, I don't think they do a wine red anymore? I'll definitely take some pics once I get it. My main hope is that it plays well, and sounds like a les paul should.
  14. LP GAS purchase I thought the thread was going to be about propane or liquefied petroleum gas.
  15. I feel like I want something slightly different in the PRS, since I got this LP. I was going to put Dimarzio 36th Anni. PAFs in the PRS.....since the PRS has pretty high output pickups....sounds okay, but hard to deal with that much output. Can imagine they'd sound the same if they both had Dimarzio PAFs? One's a set neck LP, the other is a bolt on 25" scale PRS.
  16. I figured that much....but I was going to give them a shot before I upgrade. Some say they're nice, some just swap them. If I want that classic LP tone, I was thinking about some PAFs or Burstbuckers?
  17. Thanks, for the offer, but I think I'd be more interested in cash, lower wattage tube amps, or possibly a guitar.
  18. Played bass for 4 years...weight doesn't bother me.
  19. Well, recently I did a two amp gear trade..... which was suppose to be towards a LP. ....but a PRS CE24 grabbed my attention. Got that and it's awesome......but not a LP. Almost went with a LP Traditional.... but the quality just wasn't there. Bought a Agile 3000....a budget GAS killer. I hope it's as great as the forums suggest they are.
  20. my real camera is officially dead. cell pics. Mullards!
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