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  1. [YOUTUBE]gvba7nWFpxI[/YOUTUBE] I've been told that my wah technique is kinda strange................
  2. I played one at GC for over an hour. Sounds awesome.........but(Maybe because it was the floor model), it kept farting out on me when I really cranked it. The only reason I did NOT buy it was because my wife was with me.........and she said "We need a new refrigerator and you already have 5 amps!":mad:
  3. in, sadly, before the inevitable lock. Why Lock? "No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition":facepalm::poke:
  4. I don't see how? Can you explain? Only took 40 years..........seems fair:thu:
  5. So tell me - what are the mistakes of the "Civil Rights" era? I mean I know "Civil Rights" are bad - but what were the mistakes? Swinging the pendulum way way to the left..............where the "White" man got the short end of the stick(two wrongs don't make a right). White Guilt took a blind eye to reverse discrimination and became too Politically Correct. Causing a backlash of defensive racism that exists today(albeit undercover)
  6. I hope this means that liberalism is dead also.................don't flame me, I'm sad that he's dead, but as soon as the Kennedy/King day people die the sooner this country will get over the mistakes of the "Civil Rights" era..............Sad ,But True:cry:
  7. [YOUTUBE]STlvinbRfIo[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]C4nCy5CITc8&feature[/YOUTUBE]
  8. ohhh. is that the white? (looks bluish) any regrets????? OOOH! It's whiter than David Duke at a Hip-Hop convention!!! Only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner.................great BASS!!! I HATE TO SAY THE PHRASE "Great For The Money" but it's great great great considering the money. I would have bought two, but the Wifey would have been mad mad mad!!!
  9. i had to drag my self out of there. but as i was walking out..... i heard the manager say that he was gonna buy it tomorrow night. (NOOOOOOOO) im still debating. and yes.... it feels like plastic. it will prolly not age worth {censored} and it only weighs like.... 4 lbs. haha.....but what can i say.... im in LOVE Plays/sounds great=buy it!!
  10. Every time I go to GC and play different basses, I realize what a steal my Cool-Vibe Jass Bass is. AWESOME!!!!
  11. Keeley Java Boost=makes all my amps sound expensive EHX Metal Muff=easy to get a Chugging Metal sound Keeley DS-1=Marshall in a box
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