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  1. Thanks. Yes, I know you're right. I need to make that 2-hr. trip (4-hr. round trip) to try some guitars out in person.
  2. I'm accepting offers. It's really a beautiful guitar and in very good shape. Might need a string change.
  3. A few weeks ago, I bought a Norman ST68 off Reverb. It is all solid wood -- spruce top and rosewood back and sides. I liked the sound of it a lot, on Youtube videos I saw. The tone is actually very good, but it's not quite what I was looking for. I've put it up for sale.
  4. From Youtube videos I've seen comparing Martin to Blueridge, the Blueridge doesn't come that close to a Martin, IMO.
  5. Those Gibson models that have been suggested to me include: J-60, Advanced Jumbo, J-45 Rosewood, J-29, Songwriter Deluxe Standard. I welcome all opinions!
  6. For comparison, I've only had Youtube videos. I had read on some forums where people had asked what was the Gibson that sounded closest to a Martin. Answers were: Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard; Gibson J-60; Gibson J-29; Gibson Advanced Jumbo; Gibson J-45 Rosewood; and even the Gibson J-15. I listened to all these on Youtube, where they even had a few comparison videos with a Martin. I liked the Martin sound better. I also listened to/watched some Youtube videos of Guild, Alvarez, Eastman, Aria, Blueridge. The only one that sounded as good to me as a Martin was the Blueridge BR-260, but since it costs as much as a Martin, I asked myself why not get the Martin.
  7. Yes, it looks like I'll need to get my traveling shoes on soon.
  8. Okay, I prefer a dreadnought. Nut width -- I'd say more than 1 11/16. Scale length, frets -- no preference. Prefer no cutaway. With my budget, I'd prefer to buy used, would even have to do so with the higher end models. Been playing 50 years, am a songwriter. I haven't played any Gibsons or Martins or other big name brands in person -- no music stores within 90 miles that carry those brands. But I do have a Sigma SDR 28, and it sounds a lot like the Martins that I have heard in Youtube videos. From listening to those videos, I like the way Martins sound compared to other brands. I also have a Norman ST68, all solid spruce/rosewood, great guitar -- but I like the Sigma better, so i have put the Norman on the market. I like some Gibsons a lot, but not quite as much as the Martins I've heard -- again, all of these from Youtube videos, where I know the sound quality varies considerably. I want to play all these guitars in person, but I'll have to make a 4-hour round trip to do that.
  9. Yes, I'm looking for a Martin.
  10. I should have added this in my OP: I prefer spruce/rosewood instead of spruce/mahogany. I am sure about that much anyway.
  11. I know this is subjective, but I just want opinions anyway. What is the best sounding Martin guitar, considering both low-end and high-end price-wise?
  12. This is a great deal on a guitar that retails for $1100-1200!
  13. Thank you for the suggestion. I've played several Yamahas and didn't like them. But of course there may be one I didn't try that I would like.
  14. I decided to get a Norman ST68. I received it and have played it today. It's a fine guitar, well-made, excellent condition, and I like it a lot. But I believe I like my Sigma just a little more. I want to sell the Norman. I'll offer it with a gig bag included. I'm asking $800 USD. I will consider paying the shipping.
  15. I agree, although a lifetime for me now is not nearly as long as it used to be.
  16. Thanks for the detailed and informative post, and the pics. I'll be looking at some Larrivees. Thanks for the tip.
  17. I know you're right. But the nearest guitar store to me is a 2-hour drive. I do intend to make that trip soon.
  18. I have narrowed down my choices to the following, all discontinued I think, but hope to find some on the web: Seagull Maritime SWS Rosewood; Simon & Patrick Showcase Rosewood; Seagull Artist Studio QII; Norman ST 68. I chose these because I prefer spruce top and rosewood back and sides. Also, I already have in my possession a Martin Sigma SDR 28, which is spruce and rosewood, and all solid wood. How would this compare to those guitars I listed above? Would you prefer to have this Sigma or one of the above? This is a very important decision for me -- probably the last guitar I'll ever get. Two more questions: Would the quality and tone of a Seagull Artist Studio or Norman ST68 be as much above a Seagull Maritime SWS so as to justify the extra cost? Also, if you already had a Sigma SDR 28 solid wood, would you trade it in or sell it to buy the aforementioned Seagull Artist or Norman? Thanks so much to all who respond!
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