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  1. I am offering for sale my Martin Sigma guitar. It's a SDR-28, spruce/rosewood, made in Korea. Very good tone. Excellent condition. Comes with Gator hard shell case, in excellent condition. Asking $850.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I know you're right. I need to make that 2-hr. trip (4-hr. round trip) to try some guitars out in person.
  3. I'm accepting offers. It's really a beautiful guitar and in very good shape. Might need a string change.
  4. A few weeks ago, I bought a Norman ST68 off Reverb. It is all solid wood -- spruce top and rosewood back and sides. I liked the sound of it a lot, on Youtube videos I saw. The tone is actually very good, but it's not quite what I was looking for. I've put it up for sale.
  5. From Youtube videos I've seen comparing Martin to Blueridge, the Blueridge doesn't come that close to a Martin, IMO.
  6. Those Gibson models that have been suggested to me include: J-60, Advanced Jumbo, J-45 Rosewood, J-29, Songwriter Deluxe Standard. I welcome all opinions!
  7. For comparison, I've only had Youtube videos. I had read on some forums where people had asked what was the Gibson that sounded closest to a Martin. Answers were: Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard; Gibson J-60; Gibson J-29; Gibson Advanced Jumbo; Gibson J-45 Rosewood; and even the Gibson J-15. I listened to all these on Youtube, where they even had a few comparison videos with a Martin. I liked the Martin sound better. I also listened to/watched some Youtube videos of Guild, Alvarez, Eastman, Aria, Blueridge. The only one that sounded as good to me as a Martin was the Blueridge BR-260, but since it costs as much as a Martin, I asked myself why not get the Martin.
  8. Yes, it looks like I'll need to get my traveling shoes on soon.
  9. Okay, I prefer a dreadnought. Nut width -- I'd say more than 1 11/16. Scale length, frets -- no preference. Prefer no cutaway. With my budget, I'd prefer to buy used, would even have to do so with the higher end models. Been playing 50 years, am a songwriter. I haven't played any Gibsons or Martins or other big name brands in person -- no music stores within 90 miles that carry those brands. But I do have a Sigma SDR 28, and it sounds a lot like the Martins that I have heard in Youtube videos. From listening to those videos, I like the way Martins sound compared to other brands. I also have a Norman ST68, all solid spruce/rosewood, great guitar -- but I like the Sigma better, so i have put the Norman on the market. I like some Gibsons a lot, but not quite as much as the Martins I've heard -- again, all of these from Youtube videos, where I know the sound quality varies considerably. I want to play all these guitars in person, but I'll have to make a 4-hour round trip to do that.
  10. I should have added this in my OP: I prefer spruce/rosewood instead of spruce/mahogany. I am sure about that much anyway.
  11. I know this is subjective, but I just want opinions anyway. What is the best sounding Martin guitar, considering both low-end and high-end price-wise?
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