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  1. [YOUTUBE]qOptTtGIpg0&feature=related[/YOUTUBE]
  2. Teh failure "WWF NOMERCY" was the best wrestling game ever...jesus!
  3. I thought they were glued on and so I didnt wanna mess with it. Lemme take another look. Speaking about gluing, that chassis was a bitch to pull, I actually had to pry it from the bottom with butterknives(both ends), then flathead screwdrivers to loosen it up within the headshell, must be something with the tolex, it was like someone superglued it inside. Secondly, the whole faceplate comes out too, and its a bit tight in there, so overall its a bitch, but easier after the first time.
  4. You cant get the chassis out without removing the blocks on the back of the headshell. But its only two little pieces of wood with four screws, you already took off the backplate. Asuming were talking about the same thing, maybe ours are different.
  5. I was thinking something like this Most of us would never need another piece of gear for the rest of our lives.
  6. haha, i like lions cause theyre funny
  7. What if the pedal had a weird shape, and was painted with this ultra-shiny sparkly glittery paint. Isnt that the rule 4 cool here.
  8. Fix'D Dont deny Justice, that is wrong.
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