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  1. smith10210

    Old timers

    I miss the old days Rocksolid amp and derrick days i lost all my old account and lists of good transactions i must of had 75 or more on here of names..
  2. smith10210


    No casters sorry but still available ready to ship ASAP
  3. smith10210

    WTB TB-6

    PM me if you have one FS.
  4. Pm me if you have either for sale thanks..
  5. smith10210


    Just looking to sell local $500 pm me if interested. I live outside Buffalo WNY area.
  6. i need to pay off some debt thanks though.
  7. You forgot about the price tag Crap thanks asking $650 shipped and insured.
  8. Peavey 5150 EVH BlockLetter sounds great i recently did a bias mod its set around 33ma and cleaned all pots and contacts speaker jacks etc. Comes loaded with groove tube 6l6's and jj 12ax7's for preamp tubes and also comes with a Peavey footswitch that i found laying around i'll include.The head is in pretty decent shape for how old it is. The amp has some scrapes on the tolex and the plastic cover on top of the head is cracked on the corner but this is common because of age. No issues sounds great i need to pay off some debt. Shipping will be within the U.S only most likley with FedEx
  9. Im looking to try something different and looking for a t2,v2, or Archetype. I have a 5150 block letter/bias mod i will trade its in decent shape for its age. Must have good references for any trade.
  10. smith10210


    I can't tell you how badly I want this cab, but I don't have the cash for it, and I can't imagine you'd be willing to trade for my Ampeg cab...I keep seeing this listed here and on ss.org and it's bugging me! Yea im pretty much set on the mesa 2x12 thanks though 4x12's are hard to unload because of the added shipping im sticking with 2x12's.
  11. smith10210


    $700 shipped and will sell locally for $500 or trade for a mesa 2x12 with cash on your end..
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