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  1. Hi all,,, I know a P90 is a breed all it's own, & anything less or smaller is less, BUT is there anything out there that really comes close to that vibe, noisy or noise-free? I'm more concerned about the sound than the noise. Thanks in advance & happy new year!!
  2. Yeah,, the taper is all whacked when I've tried any all values if audio & linear, and reversed the wires,,,,,
  3. How are they, MIKEO, if you know? Thnx
  4. Hi MIKEO,, 40 yrs ago I had & gigged with both, a '54 Jr. & a '59 Special,,, I had,, but no longer & I want something... Here are the pics... having 2 pups a Special would be nice, but I also used to have a 90's reissue, & I didn't feel right.... I like the way THIS one looks,,,, G.A.S.πŸ’¨
  5. Happy holidays to all!! I've got GAS for one of these tobacco burst single pup, single cutaway, & there are several variations. Is there any one particular runs that stands out as a more solid build than the others? I see one with the olde style Gibson logo, one that has LP100 inked onto the h'stock, another that says LP Junior, & yet another with a big JUNIOR on the truss cover. For about 900 bills in looking at at a 2018, LP Junior on the stock, blank truss cover, & all else standard.... Any tips or trends on these different builds? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Greeting all,, Can ya'll set me straight & confirm the proper configuration: BLENDERS go clockwise from NL>>HIGH>>ZERO RES.? TONE NL's go clockwise from HIGH RES.>>LOW RES.>>NL? Thanks in advance & a happy & healthy New Year to all~
  7. Hi all,, what the skinny on the close comparisons all the different U.K. models; G12H30/55hz, G12H30/75hz, the G12M 20w, & the EVH tribute speaker, allegedly the same as the G12M,,, My amp are mostly 15-20w boutiquee types, except for my Mesa DC3 & Egnater Rebel30 combos... my 1995 tweed 1x12 Budda TwinMaster has a V30, which I'll probably leave, as it's one LOUD amp, & probably capable of blowing something... I don't like anything overall bright, & I like the speaker compression, & mellow & detailed... Thoughts from all you trusted ears & opinions?
  8. Hi all~ I need to replace the SPDT sliders, & I picked these up, and wanted to know how to wire up the new ones. Hopefully the pics show you what you need to know. They're simple on/off switches. How do I check for continuity? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yeah, not enough relief,,, it's not terrible, & I'm not buzzing out too bad, but just curious to know if there's any way of getting some upward motion? What does that bolt exactly do, pull on the truss? Anyway I have some new 50mm E to e saddles coming cuz the ones it came with are closer to 52mm, & everything's not seated perfectly. Thanks for the cautionary advise. Kenny
  10. G'evnin' all~ Lotsa folks have trust issues, but I have a truss issue,, nothing too serious or something a shim couldn't remedy, BUT I want to get a touch more bow to the neck. This is a '71 Harmony Marquis, (strangely similar to the then future Fender Lead) and that piece resting on top, is the bolt that screws on to that exposed truss,and as you turn it clockwise is definitely the wrong way, & I'm out of any room to create just a touch of some bow. So, before I get really daring and get the vice grips out to try to nudge the truss, my gut tells me to turn it counterclockwise, but I can d
  11. G'day all & hoping all are well~ I need two of these switches, as the ones in this Harmony Marquis are scratchy & intermittent, even after a good cleaning. FWIW, the screw holes are 29/30 mm apart. Many thanks in advance to all, & stay safe~
  12. Laney L5 Studio w/USB ops.... Thread starterzozoe29 Start dateA moment ago Tags None Showing 20 Hi all,, I've owned several Laneys in years past, & the L5T112 combos or heads I've had were heaven, great low volume OD & great reverb,,, But just really want to know how well the USB direct out sounds when going right into the console... Is it a faithful representation, w/o any graininess or fuzz, & I could
  13. Hi all,,, Everything else on the market is 52, 54+mm, & I need 2", 50mm, & can't find them anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Be well all~
  14. Hi all,, I need 50mm, 2", center E to center e spaced Strat style steel saddles for this short scale guitar, & narrow than most E to e necks. Having trouble & could use a few leads. Thanks in advance & be well~ Kenny
  15. Hi all & hope all are well~ For my one & only Squier DIY, which I though I was hot stuff outfitting it with brass block & saddles,, but those are the lessons we learn when we DIY,, the gtr is great plugged in, but acoustically dead,,, but now am going all black steel with a Wilkinson SB513 from the Gotoh factory, everything I need & (no need to piece it together) pictured below,,, so, keeping it real simple, πŸ‘orπŸ‘Ž Thanks to advance~ Be well! πŸ•‰
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