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  1. Let me put it this way… I've been using light compression as the first stop in my signal chain since about 1978 (way longer than most of you have been alive.) Just a week or so ago, I thought, "Hey, how about I turn off the compressor, and just use it for solos?" Worked great for me.
  2. Being a semi-pro now (formerly pro, and soon-to-be pro again), I have a practice routine that I stick to just about every day. It involves warmup exercises for about 45 minutes, and then practicing on whatever material is needed for the coming weekend's gig. I have a small collection (18 guitars, 2 mandolins, 1 bass guitar) and I rotate through the guitars so that each of them gets played once about once every two weeks. To accomplish this, they're hung on a system by StringSwing. This is the same slatwall system that a lot of guitar stores use. It makes them really easy to get at right a
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