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  1. I like the little areas in the Gibson booth where the guys are actually building guitars while you watch. I had the guy by the 335s build me a Les Paul custom and a few balloon animals in 45 seconds flat. I'm a little bummed at yamaha's new digital recreation of the cp70 + real grand + electric pianos etc in a weighted-yet compact form....they have this beautiful and long brochure proudly detailing the journey to get from the cp70 and cp30 days to here & now... And then.....they totally leave the cp30 sounds out of the 2 new digital versions. The cp30 had some of THE most interesting sounds.....and it's still not represented in digital or vsti or anything else. I think the cp30 is simply too hard to do...even for Yamaha.
  2. Friday afternoon..... hey, the new hall reminds me of 1976 AES rather than 21st century Namm.... in one area anyway. You have, well...a u67.... then make a turn and see some big Trident boards, then another turn to see some big Neve boards, another turn to see some big SSL stuff (well, big for them now anyway)... and then another turn ...and.......MCI Tape machines......hahahaha!. Yep, Chris Mara has a booth right there in the new hall. Good for him! Wonder how many trumpet dealers are making deals in the new room? Although I did hear an interesting kazoo (or something) demonstration a bit ago at the Hammond booth by Suzuki guys.
  3. Upstairs in 207a, Gibson has eighteen-bazeeeelllllion Gibsons close together on all four walls....well.... some Epiphones on various islands and on the back left wall areas. A nice visual attack as you walk in the door. Like rare animals captured in a zoo or something. Nice! Maybe it's just nice seeing the booth after last years' absence. Harman is still uncrating lots of stuff in the new hall, so I'll nose around there again around 5pm. Hey, has the 20ft tall Ampeg guitar amp + head been there at past shows? It has ONE cabinet loaded with somewhere around forty ten inch speakers....and a head on top that you need a ladder to get to.....and a fifty foot guitar cable dangling down. The thing looks fully functional. More goodies all around, including a couple of very interesting tarp-covered items I have my eye on in the new hall. Theres a Cp70 in the Yamaha room with two companion keyboards on either side.....is there a digital version of the cp70? I don't keep track although I owned cp70s off and on for years.
  4. I was just looking at the manual and block diagrams. Also watched a bit of the Sweetwater tracking session with it. Oh well. What can one expect for a bit under a grand. Maybe it'll get a bigger brother later that at least has insert points on every channel. With inserts everywhere, you could use modified cables on the trs to create direct outs for every channel. Which could be useful for lots of stuff such as totally bypassing a usb digital connection....staying completely analog in/out of the mixer over to your daily 24-32 analog in interface cards that you already have on your daw etc. It would also separate the Tascam in this regard from the Soundcraft mtk 22....which has the same situation with no (few) inserts and no direct outs. With direct outs, you could do some nifty routing between two of these gizmos. Me? I'd stick on a full blown optional meter bridge of some sort to cover up all those pa-system-location wire connections. And to have one less reason to navigate around the right-side teeny led display. By the way Tascam... you DO have to menu dive (in a sense) to scroll to see the channel input meters. Bring out a cool woodgrain-side set of real Tascam vu meters on a bridge for that 24. You do that all the time anyway on stuff you invent. It'd be real cool looking......oooh...wait..... add inserts to all the channels....use the insert points to route 24 little cables to the analog meter overbridge...with circuitry in the overbridge to split out a direct out path to add as trs or rca on the back of the overbridge.....and voila ... the direct outs. It's either that or Japan has to jimmy up some sort of d-sub connector. In either case, we're talking about adding a whole extra jumble of wires.... which is of course... the wave of the recording future. No more of this iPad and bluetooth headphone daw crap. Oh well maybe next year....or hey....maybe later this month at Namm. I'm gonna squeeze some info out of Tascam during setup days. For sure. Alas, this is the first baby step back into tan/orange/woodcheek land for Tascam (well...second if you count the cassette deck they're pushing) so I guess it's a start. I sort of know what's next anyway, so perhaps this little portastudio mixer is okay as it is.
  5. Tape availability? I equate those discussions to the "what are we gonna do now that hostess Twinkies are history?". The answer to the availability of hostess cupcakes was..... Just relax a few minutes and watch what happens. For those who didn't wait, there were always leftover hostess sno-balls to be had via eBay. Or places like like ATR....doesn't the T stand for hostess twinkies? As to the quiet nature of us teac.....in 1970, you had the initial spinoff tascam guys in marina del Rey (before the Montebello move) putting the pressure on Japan to fabricate what the us guys needed. ASAP...pronto...yesterday. stuff started flowing over in pieces and mdr/Montebello would assemble. Then, Japan understood what it had and ramped up production into overdrive. Now.... We're in a different era. Japan is navigating/directing this thing. Complete with hindsight and a keen awareness of brand-identification. Probably only 2 us guys know the plan and they're not exactly guys on the radar. Teac Japan sees the way into this thing clearly. Unlike in 1970. Imo.
  6. No gym. $5 at the door. Access to main areas. $15 at the door gets you into the really cool area for an hour of hands-on with stuff not found in area 1. Drums, of course, are down the street. Stay longer, another $15. Fee deducted from your $299 & up purchase if you buy today. Can't afford admission? Here, sign-up for the bookumdano credit card & get all-access admission. A free 6 months admission when you pile up a zillion on the card. Try the VIP admission plan too. $36.99 gets you access to try out stuff during musicians' favorite hours of 11pm to 4am. Everyone knows Marshalls start sounding real good at 1am.
  7. Tascam Japan began re-integrating the tan/orange color last year on the Japanese tascam web area. Teaser stuff. As I noted then. A non-working 38 was in the Anaheim namm booth 2018 for what seemed like simple nostalgia. What it (and other orphans) were really for was for discussion input. The ' classics reborn ' thing..complete with woodgrain...is the beginning of a tool-up. For various stuff. One item has appeared in the form of a hybrid product. The next items will work backwards, away from hybrid. While my pre-show namm walkthrough in a few weeks may reveal some nice, additional teac/tascam 2019 goodies, I'm convinced the 2020 show will be the one to bring on the teac smiles. Right on time, in the 36-48mo timeframe I've been predicting. By the way, teac guys kept popping in to that ballfinger display last month. And my studer contacts at Harman still say, "we don't know if the guys here wanna do it". 1970.....2020. tan/orange...classics reborn. Tool-up. The others will follow. As always, I know nothing. I know no one. Never believe anything i claim to know. This thread will self-destruct in five seconds. Or not
  8. $85,000 is nothing in 21st century dollars. What console was it?
  9. If I were in the mood to go play a concert or three (which I'm not), I'd whip up a really nice run of records and some really great sleeves and sell them just like the ohneeders did. At this point in time, the only thing I see of interest in physical-land is a little black spinning piece of gizmo with grooves in it that make sound when a needle skims over the top. Everyone likes watching those things go round... so... that's what I'd make cuz that's what attendees would buy. imo. If I were in the mood. I have no financial incentive to license my work for streaming.
  10. Why mixed feelings? It's only 26 weeks until Winter Namm. That's like about a minute from now.
  11. I heard that Lorne Michaels offered three thousand for the entire conglomeration. He has the cashier check ready.
  12. I still have system 6 and 7 running on a couple of old Macs. Not often, but it's the thought that counts. Ha, Amiga, I still have a 500 around here somewhere that I used for something or other in the 80s. Must've had 12 Atari 1050/520s around here at one point. Probably a C64 still around. I'm sure I still have a few Sequential Cir C64 midi interfaces. To defy all logic, I have five perfectly running Packard Bell 286/386/pentium computers. I don't run them often, but again, it's the thought. I hereby condemn all of those who gave Packard Bell such a hard time in the media and courts....oops, those guys are probably all dead or senile by now. Dos 6.2 is king. It boots up faster than my nvme drives I hate Apple Long live Geocities Long live Amstrad and Zeos.
  13. Bandlab can send up $8000 if they really want me to whip up a short project for them to share with the kiddies. Otherwise, not a happening deal. I do though, like this version of Cakewalk. First one historically that I didn't have to buy. I thank Bandlab for that.
  14. hahahahaha..... I too STILL use MtPro 6.8.4 for the past few years but I still have all my win/atari/mac discs going back to 1988. MTPRO 6.8.4 WORKS BEAUTIFULLY ON 64BIT WIN10 PRO AND HOME!!!!!! Stellar, beautifully, always installs in moments and NEVER gives me an issue. It's been great on everything I've ever used it on from Atari 520/1040, Mac Plus, Win98se, xp, 7, and now 10. I often have it running on a separate synchronized machine in my daw farm and...like you.... use it still because I know it with my eyes closed and it is very easy on the eyes, what with the spartan (compared to the 21st century) screen layouts. Everything you need for midi sequencing right there. I also have it on my laptops (both win10) and often open both MtPro and Cubase and toggle between screens. I have loopbe1 virtual midi cable routed out of MtPro and in to Cubase, set to trigger different vstis... although mostly the newest Roland Virtual Sc88/8820. When I'm on the go with my laptop, I use a little Alesis usb keyboard (one that also has sustain pedal input as i dunno how anyone does without a sustain pedal)... and then route that usb midi keyboard as the input on MtPro's midi setup screen. When I need to export midi files out of MtPro and import into Cubase, it's a cinch... although I tend to keep midi on MtPro. In sync, overdubbing audio on Cubase while midi plays on MtPro is a flawless experience. While the guy who now owns Passport doesn't really do any updating of the MtPro program, everything I need works great. In its most recent updates a century ago, the ability to set different pulse rates was useful and of course, not being limited to 7 character names (or whatever that was that we all had to live with in dos years). Go ahead..... install MtPro on your win10 system. If you don't already have the contents of your ver 6.8.4 floppy transferred to data you can store on a hard drive or flash, just pop in your floppy to a usb ext floppy drive... win10 easily handles those. Start the install, point mtpro to install in programfilesx86..... or even just let it install to program files where it tries to default to.... and let it install!!! Once the program is running, set your preferences the way you always have, maybe create a desktop icon on the taskbar (I do), and voila......Passport survives well into the 21st Century! I just bought a new i7/Win10 laptop a couple of weeks ago and thought, "oh no, this will be the system that won't allow MtPro". It actually is the first system I've ever had that wouldn't let me install the ancient V-Stack program.... oh well. But MtPro installed in less than a minute with no hiccups. And is working fantastically every day. Such a great great little program. Glad it's no longer $400 or whatever it was in 1988.
  15. From my successful entrepreneur-based left brain hunches.....I'm just guessing on possibilities based on the 1.5 million members Bandlab has that currently pay nothing for the service... The Tip jar that is used for members to give amounts to member/artists they like is structured in a way that bandlab gets NONE of that...okay... still no income there.... but, it could well be that Stripe (which processes the tips and which does take a small cut of each transaction) is owned by bandlab.... or kicks back a cut of the percentage of transactions to bandlab. That would be one source, structured one level down in the company so as to not affect end-users... keeping the cost free and yet bandlab deriving an income stream from x percent of 1.5mil users who do tips. Bandlab has a small lineup of actual audio interfaces. Those are about $40 or whatever. They sell what they sell. With a full-blown daw now in the owndership, perhaps more interfaces are sold. Profit in each box is about $20 or so, so that would still not appear to be a short-term revenue bonanza... but it is there and maybe bandlab has some vague long-term plans for the admittedly-saturated standalone daw market where daw maker also makes the interfaces. Doesn't sound like a fun move for a billionaire, but maybe there's a future angle there. Maybe bandlab is also developing various other app stuff to offer in a paid ala-carte to the kid users who dive in to the full CW daw after previously only using... whatever it is kids use on their phones at the age of 9 before advancing to a daw where musically inclined. Maybe a developing revenue stream theree. Maybe the kid who owns Bandlab is gonna roll out a full blown recording label and sign stuff that goes viral on his own system. Maybe he's a Simon Cowell type, arriving very late to the "make you famous" machinery approach. But all types of ways to generate revenue off that type of thing. Maybe....... maybe.... for whatever reason...... the billionaire's son in Singapore is simply gunning for Justin. After all, Justin doesn't need the money either after his windfall in the previous century. Maybe the Singapore kid simply wants to be the new Reaper. And maybe..... maybe..... there IS NO longterm revenue plan. When you're a billionaire, well..... sometimes you just do stupid stuff that makes no sense financially because... you can.
  16. By the way, I just uninstalled the Bandlab assistant exe that was the portal for downloading CW. Cakewalk still works fine.
  17. This has been a fun hour or so. I connected to the bandlab link, downloaded Cakewalk and it started to install on my new i7 laptop. Showed "installing" for quite a long time, so I finally just clicked the Cakewalk icon once it established itself on the desktop and was in the program. At that point, I just clicked out of the bandlab box that said it was still installing. If I missed something, I dunno yet what it was. Well, I haven't had a Cakewalk ANYTHING on my computer since the Pro Audio 8 and 9 days. How long ago was that? The cakewalk about info shows a serial and ver 24.04.0 Build 13. It also shows my "membership" is valid thru 10/4/2018. What happens then? Dunno. If it involves money, that's when I uninstall this freebie Anyway, not knowing where Cakewalk has been going the past years, the main screen looks nice and colorful and pleasant. I set a quick asio4all driver setup (maybe not what cakewalk guys do, but I haven't been following CW wdm or whatever stuff) I'll probably connect one of my interfaces for a more thorough run through tomorrow. DON'T HAVE TO BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET AT ALL TO RUN THIS. First thing I did was disconnect after install. Dragged in a Bobby Vinton Blue on Blue track (don't laugh...no..go ahead..laugh I don't care) and have been nosing around the way CW navigation works. Nice and friendly so far on the surface..... but I'll probably never leave Cubase at this point. Stuff I was curious about after reading this thread so I did my own screwing around..... I don't know bitbridge at all but do see it in the menus. What I did is install JBridge a few minutes ago and then pointed it to an old 32bit Vb FFx-dx rack program. Cakewalk sees that just fine when In instigated it on the Vinton track. To get things creepier, I opened the old 32bit Antares Mic modeler Dx plug from a zillion years ago... via ffx4/jbridged..... and it works fine. I also saw a bunch of Sound Forge dx stuff come up in that plug, but haven't dialed any in as I don't really use Dx stuff any more. But 32bit "stuff" seems to be working in Cw as fast as I bridge them to check. I dunno about the old 32bit Cakewalk dx routines Craig mentioned, but if they are in a separate directory/group from some older install, I don't see why one couldn't call them up in the new 64bit Cakewalk the exact same way I did with ffx4/jbridge. Just point ffx4 to wherever all those dxs are. Or am I missing something? The program sorta has a look similar (to me) of the old Bob Lentini Saw... which I guess is still around. And wow............. THERE IS THE "RUN CAL" TAB...... JUST LIKE ON CAKEWALK 2 FOR MIDI FROM THE PREVIOUS CENTURY!!!! What a sight to see that again. I don't see any remote way so far that working in this edition of Cakewalk would automatically hijack your work and upload it someplace on the web. I turned off all analytic tabs... which I had to do in a couple of places... and...like I say, I'm not online while I'm buzzing around the program. The general idea of a connected bunch of people.... collaborating on what I consider to be a very personal type of art ... is...disgus.....no..... well... social media is not part of my artistic world. But I'm glad what's his name, the billionaire's son in Korea or whatever, piled out the money to Henry to buy the CW code and shoved it out there this week. Anyway, lots of fun to peruse the program so far. I'll just leave it on the C drive for now and play around with it.
  18. Sort of like Naugles living on. Doesn't really depend on what Del Taco does.
  19. Essentially, to the left of the room, there's a new Neumann u67, a new 30-foot long analog soundtechniques console a few yards away from that.... and then the Tascam 38 in a glass case a few dozen yards away from that..... and the monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey.... no... I mean Slate's booth or Motu or somebody in between as you walk in. Probably has some cosmic meaning somewhere or other.
  20. I was a little bummed at the Fender booth this morning. I was walking around, looking for the area where they bring in STACKS AND STACKS of Bassman heads and all kinds of stacked cabs etc. Like we all had in 1965. And like Fender has been doing in the booth during the past few years. Nuthin this time. Just a bunch of wimpy little amps up in the east corner of the room. Chickens !!!!!! Don't they know that they are supposed to cater to MY desires?
  21. But it's a surviving 38 from yesteryear, on display in a huge glass case along with zillions of other Tascam historical stuff.... da88s etc. I told the Tascam guy, "wtf.... you DO realize THIS will be the centerpiece of the booth???????. He said, "I agree". I said, w-h-a-t are you guys waiting for? He told me. I told him the reasons weren't very good. He said, I agree. Oh well. i gotta remember that when I predict the future, I've gotta get more details in. If you're going to the show, forget going into the main halls first. Hang a right and walk up to the new hall built just outside the arena area. That's where a lot of action is. Of course, then go to the main building to see the guys who couldn't get spots in the new building. I'm going to some meetings and then nose around the new hall again. I want to see the new u67. It wasn't out this morning.
  22. Hahaha, I see what they did. Those rascals. They didn't poll the only age range that matters. The only group that will EVER matter is age range 7-17. That's it. That's all that has ever mattered. From any angle one does a music poll from. That's where the buying power is (with parental help at some stages), that's where the brain synapses register the first music the human will remember for a lifetime, and that is when the fact to face social interactions are beginning and then clicking into high gear.... anchored by the music playing at the time. Once a human hits 18, they're outta the polls (musicians though will stay somewhat connected into their midlife due to the normal dysfunction that hooks we musicians early.... another topic). When you're 7-17, EVERYTHING you hear is new. MUCH of it seems wonderful. NONE OF IT CAN BE TRACED TO EARLIER MUSIC.... which is VERY important in the "I'm not jaded yet" category that is so vital to commerce............. As an example.....as an 8yr old, you're not saying "wtf Mom, these guys at the iHeart concert are all doing songs ripped off from chord changes/melodies of songs from 19**. Or..... wtf Dad, why does every single stupid song I hear have rounds and rounds of "oh-oh-oh-ohohoh-oh-oh" all through them? Or..... wtf Grandma, I'm 9yrs old and fifteen new records just came out this week using the same f****** kalimba part that Ed Shreehan uses.... and gramma.... even THAT is ripped off from..... etc. If 8yr olds were REALLY savvy, pop music would be in sad shape. But as it is, all is okay. Old people (who should never be polled about music) get to the point where they realize, "hey, everything is cliche', derivative, ripped off, re-used... and JUST as the oldsters start to unleash the valuable info on the world..... they die. Convenient. Nature''s way of keeping C-F-G available and new. To the 7yr olds of course. 7-17 years old. Everything is hunky dory to them. As it should be. The 18000 Am-to-fmaj7-to-C-to-G songs that were released this week are in safe havens. If music isn't fun any more, it's because you're not 7. So you don't count. That's the law.
  23. Notwithstanding Gibson (which probably did better at CES), Tascam is at NAMM 2018 in a fairly large booth just up the way from Presonus. So.. thank you Gibson for that. I forgot in my previous rambling about Tascam's 2018 tape machines and the retro 1978 type giveaway.... they'll also maybe have as one of the giveaway mics, one of the reissue Neuman tube u-67s that are being announced at the show. Remember, I am consistently full of unreliable information. I just received my badge confirmation this afternoon, so I'll for sure be angling among the crates/aisles/ on tues/wed of show week (as usual). Maybe Korg will show a full size Arp Centaur.
  24. Tascam is dipping back into the water with a quarter-inch 4trk reel to reel tape recorder... because it has to. Theme is something to the effect of "4" "40 years etc, tying in to 1978 and 2018 being forty years apart. The ad campaign is kinda cute as it resembles the 1978 bundle ad giveaway campaign Teac/Tascam did... which will be shown at a nice red-roped off section of the Tascam booth. Operating tape machines will be in another part of the booth where, though you can't listen/record stuff, you can see the reels of tape swirl back and forth in ff and rew.... which will mesmerize and hypnotize enough visitors and clog some aisles for sure. The booth area will show the 2018 giveaway bundle stuff (now updated from 1978).... which is part of the national giveaway too.....two of the 4trk machines, blank tape, the new, fairly compact anniversary analog mixer they've come up with that goes beyond the model5b and is also a controller for integrating the tape machine to daw (cute little thing) .....a full-sized-keyed current Arp Odyssey courtesy of Korg (albeit the 1978 Tascam giveaway was with a 2600), several Gibson Guitars, electric piano, Hammond organ, a surprise Namm announcement of a limited edition 25-2 mixdown machine (the view being that those may or may not take off long term, but are perfect for the complete-tape-studio-system approach of the ad campaign)......a set of studio monitors (I forget which ones), power amp, nice set of 4 studio mics and stands... even those funky orange 1978 road cases that say "Tascam" on them....and some other cool secrets to be announced. As an added bonus, that blonde chick from 1978 ads will be back and in that same Teac/Tascam T shirt that many of us gazed longingly at. And her 21-yr old daughter. Along with the entire set of booth employees wearing those T shirts and sporting 1978 hairdoos and other time-appropriate looks. The best part of this? Depending on the response over the next 3 months or so at the dealer level, a lineup of half-inch, one-inch, and special-order 2-inch machines are waiting for the green light. To focus the impact, only five dealers are assigned for the first year. As it was in the beginning Six regional electronics service centers have signed up and qualified to service the new machines. A national set of how-to seminars will be on the road. There's so much more that I'm not allowed to reveal at the moment. I'll actually find out more when I walk through Namm on setup days. But I can tell you one thing absolutely for sure............ I have no clue what I'm talking about and you can't believe a word I say.
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