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  1. I like the little areas in the Gibson booth where the guys are actually building guitars while you watch. I had the guy by the 335s build me a Les Paul custom and a few balloon animals in 45 seconds flat. I'm a little bummed at yamaha's new digital recreation of the cp70 + real grand + electric pianos etc in a weighted-yet compact form....they have this beautiful and long brochure proudly detailing the journey to get from the cp70 and cp30 days to here & now... And then.....they totally leave the cp30 sounds out of the 2 new digital versions. The cp30 had some of THE most interesting sounds.....and it's still not represented in digital or vsti or anything else. I think the cp30 is simply too hard to do...even for Yamaha.
  2. Friday afternoon..... hey, the new hall reminds me of 1976 AES rather than 21st century Namm.... in one area anyway. You have, well...a u67.... then make a turn and see some big Trident boards, then another turn to see some big Neve boards, another turn to see some big SSL stuff (well, big for them now anyway)... and then another turn ...and.......MCI Tape machines......hahahaha!. Yep, Chris Mara has a booth right there in the new hall. Good for him! Wonder how many trumpet dealers are making deals in the new room? Although I did hear an interesting kazoo (or something) demonstration a bit ago at the Hammond booth by Suzuki guys.
  3. Upstairs in 207a, Gibson has eighteen-bazeeeelllllion Gibsons close together on all four walls....well.... some Epiphones on various islands and on the back left wall areas. A nice visual attack as you walk in the door. Like rare animals captured in a zoo or something. Nice! Maybe it's just nice seeing the booth after last years' absence. Harman is still uncrating lots of stuff in the new hall, so I'll nose around there again around 5pm. Hey, has the 20ft tall Ampeg guitar amp + head been there at past shows? It has ONE cabinet loaded with somewhere around forty ten inch speakers....and a head on top that you need a ladder to get to.....and a fifty foot guitar cable dangling down. The thing looks fully functional. More goodies all around, including a couple of very interesting tarp-covered items I have my eye on in the new hall. Theres a Cp70 in the Yamaha room with two companion keyboards on either side.....is there a digital version of the cp70? I don't keep track although I owned cp70s off and on for years.
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