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  1. Digitech Whammy IV with adapter SOLD Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio ( has a small chip in battery cover, but it locks in place without any problems.) 110.00
  2. I'm looking for either two of these necks for a project. I would prefer that they are complete with tuners, etc. But let me know what you have anyway... Thanks!
  3. Have: Tex-Mex strat pickups set Seymour Duncan lil '69 strat neck Seymour Duncan JBjr bridge Fender hot noiseless middle Want: fender custom shop pickups, or Klein pickups
  4. It's a longshot since they ran out of using the vintage 82 chips, but I'd thought to check around if anyone has one for sale... Thanks!
  5. I have a set of tex mex pickups from a 50's road worn strat. I need to keep the pickup covers though, so these are without covers. SOLD Thanks! John
  6. Just had a good deal with Rocklobsta1109 as a seller. Great communication and updated me with tracking on the pedal. Thanks!
  7. SOLD I have two sets of the fender custom shop elite gold and pearloid tuners. These are the same tuners on srv's #1 tribute and mayers black guitar. MADE IN GERMANY BY SCHALLER FOR FENDER 105.00 shipped each set
  8. I'm looking to either sell or trade. I'd like to find the 50's road worn body loaded and just switch out the bodies, keeping the rosewood neck. I'm also open to trading for a black road worn 50's stratocaster complete. Otherwise 650.00 shipped, comes with gig bag. :-) I also have a Fender Highway One stratocaster that I'm selling a fully loaded body for 320.00 shipped. The body has some dings and scratches, with some paint coming off as shown on the back. The neck is a Fender Highway One, excellent condition with tuners for 265.00 shipped. 9.5 radius 22 frets These are both from dated 2002, I found them on ebay but just decided to go another route with building something else.
  9. It seems that Europeans dislike bad grammar way more then us Yanks. But I could be wrong. It's white people in general, they can't resist. http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008/05/12/99-grammar/
  10. http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008/05/12/99-grammar/ Funny site about grammar. Read it.
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