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  1. I know...I dont get it. I think its just the quick transition between the strings that {censored}s me up.
  2. or start with three-string sweeps... Three string sweeps are even harder for me than 5 string sweeps. Those little bastards are tricky.
  3. Start with the easiest sweep of all.... ------------12------------ ---------10---10--------- ------12---------12------- ---12---------------12--- -10-------------------10- -------------------------- And work up from there. Try not to just rake the strings, the down and up action shound actually be putting pressure on the string you just hit and then kind of "flicking" it off into the next string.....pretty trickey. It just came to me one day....3 years trying and one day it just popped up. This is the one I've been working on. -17-12------------------------- -------13---------------------- ----------14------------------- -------------14---------------- ----------------15-12---------- --------------------------------
  4. I avoid any guitar technique that sounds like a household chore. Sweeping, raking, plunging, etc. Haha, well I suppose you could call it..."ARPEGGIATING!!!"
  5. I swear, I've been practicing this for like, 5 months and havent got any better. Theres just something in my brain that wont do this. I can sweep up just fine, notes are clean and sound alright, but when I try and go back down with it, its like my hand falls apart and all I get are ugly ass dead notes. My brain and hands just wont do it. If I slow it down I can do it, but I think its because when I slow it down I'm kinda just picking them by instinct instead of sweeping them. I know practice is the key but damn, this {censored} aint workin
  6. We needs some more metal drum tracks
  7. Listen to the song on my bands page called Godstorm. That song concerns me, since we only have two guitarists, and that song has lots of parts where three guitars are needed. Is there any pedals I can use to achieve that harmonized lead sound?
  8. Originally posted by lamppost I bet George Bush is behind this:idea: No, not possible. Not even Bush could conjure up such bull{censored}.
  9. Originally posted by Megadeth7684 Phil just closed my SPAM thread poll. It was 10-1 in favor of keeping individual SPAM threads. Whatever tickles his little pickle. Doesnt he have anything better to do?
  10. Wow, are these {censored}heads just looking for ways to piss the forum off? Spam threads have never been a problem since I've been here and I'm sure have never been a problem in the past. Do you piece-of-{censored} moderaters just sit and ponder on how to {censored} with our daily life on this forum? Every {censored}ing day you pull some new bull{censored} that has NEVER been a problem in the past. God damn O'Queef strikes again, this is rediculous.
  11. Theres just something funny about a Japanese guy named Herman
  12. Originally posted by honey-nipples yeah, 4 hours close..... I used to work at that GC back in '99 Sumbitch stole my avatar
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