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  1. Slapped some fresh strings on it, and it sounds very nice. Really like the neck on this thing, smooth and fast!
  2. Ebay was actually the first place I looked, but saw nothing like this one. Plenty of the newer Greg Bennet models (with tuners on both side of the headstock), but no basses that look like the one I have. Squire P would have been good as well, but they are going for quite a bit more in the used market here,$150ish for the affinity, way more for the higher end lines.
  3. Thanks, Kristinn played for a team in my hometown, Breidablik, tidy player. Hope he will do well for you guys. Thanks for the info, this bass plays very well, and that is all I was looking for at the moment. Hope to pick up a G&L fiver in the future, but this will do for now, and the price was right.
  4. Some of you might remember me, I was quite active on here several years ago. Since then I moved from Iceland to Canada, got a PhD and had no time for bass playing. Now that I am done with school and got a cushy new job, I can start playing again. I just picked up this Samick P bass with a hard case for $40 on kijiji, anything know anything about those basses? Where were they made and when? It looks quite old, but feels really solid. No serial number anywhere to be found, have yet to look at the pots though. Cheers, Gaui
  5. 47°F in Reykjavík and rain. Winter has changed to rain season, only 3 or 4 days of snow this winter...
  6. Þú ert viðurstyggilegur náriðill með eitt það ljótasta smetti sem hefur nokkurntíman sést á þessari jarðkringlu.
  7. This is dub! http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/King%20Tubby%20-%20King%20Tubby%20Dub.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Lee%20Perry,%20The%20Mighty%20Upsetter%20-%20Kung%20Fu%20Meets%20The%20Dragon%20-%2009.%20Fungaa.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Lee%20Perry%20-%20Arkology%20Reel%201%20Dub%20Organiser%20-%20One%20Step%20Dub.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Lee%20Perry%20-%20Arkology%20Reel%203%20Dub%20Adventurer%20-%20The%20Upsetters%20-%20Corn%20Fish%20dub.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Lee%20Scratch%20Perry%20-%20Super%20Ape%20-%2006%20-%20Dread%20Lion.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Scientist%20-%20Wins%20the%20world%20cup%20-%2004%20-%20fourth%20dangerous%20match.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Scientist%20-%20Wins%20the%20world%20cup%20-%2016%20-%20golden%20goal.mp3
  8. For those that arent familiar with The Scientist and Lee Scratch Perry here are some songs: The Scientist, both are from the excellent wins the world cup album: http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Scientist%20-%20Wins%20the%20world%20cup%20-%2004%20-%20fourth%20dangerous%20match.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Scientist%20-%20Wins%20the%20world%20cup%20-%2016%20-%20golden%20goal.mp3 Lee Perry, just some random stuff from my collection: http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Lee%20Perry%20-%20Arkology%20Reel%201%20Dub%20Organiser%20-%20One%20Step%20Dub.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Lee%20Perry%20-%20Arkology%20Reel%203%20Dub%20Adventurer%20-%20The%20Upsetters%20-%20Corn%20Fish%20dub.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Lee%20Perry,%20The%20Mighty%20Upsetter%20-%20Kung%20Fu%20Meets%20The%20Dragon%20-%2009.%20Fungaa.mp3 http://www.hi.is/~gms1/Reggaemusic/Lee%20Scratch%20Perry%20-%20Super%20Ape%20-%2006%20-%20Dread%20Lion.mp3
  9. Originally posted by Jazz Ad The song I posted is from the band Zenzile. They're french. Surprisingly, dub revival is very active around here and several bands are considered as very important. There are a few songs rotating on their site, you will get a new one when you refresh. For classics, Lee 'Scratch' Perry (pretty much the father of the style), the Scientist and King Tubby are major dub artists. Newer bands : Mad Professor, the Disciples, Zion Train, Ez3kiel (other french band). You gotta love how deep bass can get. Yeah, I noticed really strong dub&reggae scene in Orléans when I stayed there last summer. It was great, I stacked up on Lee Perry and Scientist stuff wich I had only seen in online stores before.
  10. Originally posted by T-40 The Thread Killer is timeless. True, I have taken credit for the humble beginings of the Thread Killer but the real truth is that God himself posted it right before he created the planet. It is the origin of all life as we know it. Our entire solar system was born from the Thread Killer. Except for Lug. He created the suck. But who created the Lug?
  11. My first post on this mighty thread
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