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  1. True. I'm sticking by my "no bitey edges" statement, though.
  2. For the Bass - Personally, I find a sound and don’t change much. Having a selector and individual tone controls is overkill for me (that’s what I currently use). Two volumes and a master tone with no selector seems ideal (to me). If you play a wide array of styles live, then you’d might want the ability of all the bells and whistles. If this is for home use, then keep it simple.
  3. ^^ Excellent Rutle jangle. Very 12 stringy. Cheese and Onions!
  4. I gets a good jangley from a Danelectro Dead on 67 through a Deluxe reverb. Crispy and crusty. The Ric / Vox combo is probably the quintessential jangle.
  5. The wear marks on that Strat body affirms why playing a Strat is enjoyable. No bitey edges.
  6. The only guitar I ever named was my first. I bought this Vantage new in the early 80s and always called it "Blue Wail". No lady names. Does that lose? Oh well. What if I was gay and wanted to name a guitar a manly man name?
  7. Rabbits are hard to take care of. They {censored} everywhere. I wouldn't be so much concerned about the {censored}ting as I would the chewing. They love those tasty electrical cords!
  8. It's all about the ass. (desktop mode) Weeeee!
  9. Snambo


    Creepier than the real thing.... Hmmm, intriguing.....
  10. BKk0M ? Hmmm... Never heard of it.
  11. How about relic'ing your guitar with out actually relic'ing it? For the ultimate poser. Vinyl relic overlays. http://www.wdmusic.com/product_31828_detailed.htm
  12. Id have it activate a script that would create this same thread in Guitar Jam or maybe OJ or both.
  13. This is a great guitar for loud, distorted music. It has a crappy clean tone. It's comfortable to hold and play. It has no ability to sound good on it's own. Still, I like this guitar - a lot.
  14. I bought this guitar after reading the glorifying reviews from this site. My local dealer was out of stock, so I purchased one mail order from Musicians Friend. I was really disappointed with the sound of this guitar. It just didn't match the hollow body/rockabilly impression. It sounds like an average SOLID body guitar with very little character. I've since played a demo model at my local dealer to find that my initial impression was correct - it sounds average. I do like the playability, controls, and look of the Wildkat (which makes it usable). I've been playing since 1984 so I've accrued enough gizmos to make this guitar sound good. But, If I just plug it in directly to my amp (Fender Deluxe Reverb) then it sounds like wasted money. So, if you have some COSM effects or a plethora of stomp boxes then this guitar may be for you. If your looking for an honest, stand alone Rockabilly git box then......Move along....This one's not for you.
  15. I've been playing for about 25 years and I've owned just about everything at one time or another. I like the simplicity of this guitar. It's really simple, has a great neck, and a joy to listen to.
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