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  1. Ive been drinking alot of Mountain Dew lately. Come to think of it, my penis has turned into a vagina. Call me.
  2. Any drink, including Gatorade, coffee, beer, etc. is bad if that is all you are drinking. Your body needs straight water everyday. People think they can drink other stuff and are shocked when their bodies start shutting down on them.
  3. I gotta say that so far this is one of the best purchases I'v ever made. I bought this pedal to replace the clutter of a bunch of footpedals, cords, etc. The reverb and delay on this thing blows away my Digitech pedals which I used to think were outstanding. When comparing the two, I realized that there is a big difference. It is inspiring to play when you have great effects beefing up the sound. I didn't want to stop playing this thing. It was fun tweaking a little and just seeing what sounds are possible. This thing could easily be tweaked at a gig with minimal effort in a few minutes. I like the fact that when in preset mode, you are still able to turn on/off delay, pitch, mod, and boost.
  4. Originally Posted by isvoid LOL! I think I world be horrified to see the original pic.
  5. Originally Posted by VanHalen I'd love to see someone put Eddie on this one: LOL!! That is some sweet action!
  6. I have owned alot of amps over the years. Everything from a cheap BOSS amp in the 80's to modded Marshalls, ENGL, etc. My other amp is a Splawn-modded Marshall 1959SLP Reissue that sounds killer. Prior to getting the Marshall and the JSX I had a Marshall JVM410 combo. The JVM is a great amp but there were some things that bugged me about it. It couldn't get the crunch the JSX is capable of, at least not without a boost. The JVM also had a total of 8 fuses inside and it drove me crazy thinking about trying to fix something at a gig. I love the way the JSX sounds. For me it has been the type of amp that encourages me to pick up my guitar and play. It just has this "chug" when you play that makes you want to play for a long time. Peavey really did a great job with this amp. I hope it holds up. I'm pretty confident that it will last.
  7. I wish I had some money as well. I'd love to swap my JVM 410 Combo out for a JVM 50-watt head.
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