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  1. Still available? How much, delivered to 53705?
  2. It says I joined 1/22/2012, which is nonsense.  I first posted in 2007, reviewing my Alembic basses.

  3. Still for sale? Price shipped to 53705? (Bumped, to make sure I get notified of replies)
  4. Still for sale? How much, shipped to 53705?
  5. If ANYone ever gets a chance at a 70s vintage DY-77, DO NOT pass it up! I tried every Martin in the shop, and was only impressed by the D-45 (which I could not afford), The shop guy suggested I try this Japanese axe, and so I did. It blew EVERY Martin (except the D-45) out of the water, and was cheaper as well, so I bought it. I still have it, and it will be 50 years old in 2023. The 70s were weak years for both Martin and Gibson. Not for Alvarez-Yairi. So if you can score one in good shape from the early years and for less than $1,000, DO NOT hesitate. Grab it.
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