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    Guitar hobbyist in my 50s. I play a 2017 Taylor Custom 414ce and a 2010 Fender Telecaster Deluxe. For amplification I have a Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus. The Taylor has re inspired me!


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  1. My favorite is a Corian comb Lee Oskar. I purchased the comb from Blue Moon Harmonicas And the Lee Oskar reed plates and covers separately. Assembled it myself and It all fell together very nicely. It is in the key of A. It seems to get more play time than two Suzuki Manji's, a Hohner Deuce and a Quarter and one other (Stock) Lee Oskar! 5 all together. Cheers!
  2. I had an Ovation 1778 made in New Hartford years ago. Purchased it new and actually loved the tone but couldn't get past the plastic back, could never get a good feel for it. Shortly after purchase I sold or traded it for something else. I wouldn't mind having another though. The nylon strings look interesting. I played a Korean made Glen Campbell model at GC and it was really nice for a sub $800 guitar. My closest jump back into the plastic back guitar world is this 1980s (I beleive) maybe 90s Mitchell SS-F10N, Parlor size made in Korea. Much better than the more recent Mitchells. Maybe because of the size the plastic back really has no effect one way or another. Love the guitar and wouldn't mind trying one of the Ovation Parlors. Anyway, I think Ovation's are great and theres always Adamas at the higher end!
  3. Bridge pins rock! Taylor Swift CAN sing! She has her own signature guitar! Wow! Oh, and welcome back! 😀
  4. For the past two years I have been on a quest for the perfect pick. The one that both strums and picks awesome. I don't think it is out there! There seem to be drawbacks to all of them, maybe better technique and practice helps to even out any shortcomings because of thickness, material and shape. I have acoustics with light to medium gauge strings. Here is my take on a variety of picks I have tried and still have! The blue triangle in the center is a Dunlop Tortex 1.0mm with Jim's Picks sandpaper grips - I find this one the most versatile and most pleasing sound to my ear. To the left are John Pearse Fast Turtles - I like the thin one but the material is very soft and produces an almost muffled tone. I can see where it could be applicable though. Above and then to the right are two Wegen Picks - TF-100 and a Bluegrass 1.4. Above 1.0mm is a struggle for me to strum, I like the 1.0 triangle and the sound they yield is almost "ceramic like", different than the tortex. The black triangle is of an unknown maker, most likely nylon and approximately a medium gauge. I like this one too but it doesn't pick as well as the Tortex or the Wegens. The sound is a little brighter than the Tortex. Dunlop Primetone - 1.3 triangle and standard shape .73 and .88 - Of the three I like the .88 most. They are well made and produce nice sound. The material makes a little more pick click than the Tortex. Dava Multi Gauge gel and nylon - I like both of these and use the nylon as a second to the Dunlop Tortex, I think I would like it even more if it were just a tad bit stiffer for better individual notes. They strum great and the tone is good as well. Someday I will try one of the higher end picks like Blue Chip and the like. Have been looking at the Charmed Life site and on the fence of ordering one. Until then I will work with the Dunlop Tortex with the Dava and triangle Wegen as my top three! Cheers!
  5. This is my bucket list guitar! A 1962 Goya F-19, made the same year I was born. I still own it but have it up for sale, CL, Reverb and eBay! The story: One of my guitar goals was to buy new, something real decent that no one else has ever owned. I did that with a 2017 Taylor 414ce, the custom rosewood model. Nice guitar, I have it in the shop getting a bone nut to match the bone saddle I installed. Then came the acquisition of the David Webber 000 12 fret, walnut and Cedar top. This guitar just kind of fell into my body, fits like a glove and the sound is so charming it is the guitar I play the most. The past few years I have been buying and selling a variety of guitars, keyboards and harmonica stuff looking for the end of an obsession! Some that have passed through my hands were a couple of really nice Fender electrics, a Gibson Sheryl Crow that I loved but was too big for me, a Guild nylon that I should have kept and an Alvarez 5075. There have been more as I have been doing this same thing off and on since I was 18! Now comes the bright idea to obtain a guitar made the same year I was born. To have a guitar the same age as me, like a twin brother going through life together! I figured I would have to work on it, it would cost some money and I thought I got it cheap, shipped with the original case. The Goya fascinated me. The hybrid construction, steel or nylon strings and cool 12 fret like a classical. And the double pickguards like a Gibson F-25! It is a very nice guitar. I noticed the high action but thought meh, I'll put a few hundred dollars into it and it'll be fine! I really had no idea about the cost of reset a neck and refret! After getting some professional opinions about how much it would cost for the work I am looking at having about $1000 to $1200 in the guitar including what I paid. So that is a game changer! I am thinking I can take as small a bath on this as I can and continue the hunt for a birth year guitar. The sale price is a break even type thing or minimize loss. My ad actually reflects "truth in advertising!" The thought of keeping it around is still with me too, maybe (if it doesn't sell) I make the plunge to restore it. I do like it and have it in open D, it plays pretty decent through the first five frets, has a very cool tone and is well made. I reconditioned the tuners so they turn and hold tune nicely. I still need to change the saddle and bridge pins. I figure I will end up with 3 to 5 guitars total. I have 2 so maybe a parlor and an electric or maybe an electric nylon like some of the Godin's! Or maybe a really nice Classical! Who knows, or maybe a playable 1962? Sorry about the length of this, I got on a roll 😄!
  6. I received the case and I finally have time to post! I have to say first that Gryphon Strings was super to work with on this. From the order to my doorstep was only a few days and the packing of the case was impeccable! I've never even had a guitar shipped that safe! I have to write them too with a thank you. The Guardian case is nice, it's not a custom fit but there is very little space all around the guitar body. The most space is at the bottom but there is no movement, a very snug fit. The length is good and the guitar fits straight with the neck centered in the cradle. The height is perfect and the leather handle is a classy touch. The latches are gold and work well. All in all it seems like a sturdy case! So my guitar case dilemma ends with a positive. The Webber is finally safe and now can be taken about with little fear of getting trashed! Thanks to everyone!
  7. Thanks so much Freeman! I may take you up on the visit someday. Would love to see your collection!
  8. Too bad I didn't know you were just across the mountain Freeman! Maybe I would have keyed in better on what you were trying to tell me. I do appreciate your input as you always have some good things to say. I tried the TKL route, the Hiscox case and even purchased a Gator TSA classical case that on paper (as far as the GC site) and comparing the numbers with the sales kid at the store looked like it would fit. It wasn't even close and after I went to the Gator site found out they had entirely different measurements than GC. I thought I might have measured my guitar wrong. So I too hope the Guardian case works out. Maybe with the price difference of the Guardian compared to others I'll buy a good gig bag to fit both my Taylor 414 and the Webber? That can be a new thread.
  9. Well I pulled the trigger on a Guardian Vintage 000 12 fret case! I did end up getting a response from David Webber and he did recommend the TKL cases. I had been in contact with TKL but quite honestly they didn't seem too interested in making the sale. Maybe it was timing but they were slow to respond and when I called back today they promised me a call back in a few minutes and then let closing time pass. I called well before closing time and had my credit card out on the counter ready to place the order. I also called or visited my local music shops (Seattle area) with no luck, they all wanted me to bring my guitar in while admitting they had no 000 12 fret cases in stock. One shop even wanted to sell me (over the phone) on a classical case which I felt I had already been down that road. I have purchased from Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, CA and had good experiences so I decided to purchase the case online. The Gryphon representative was patient and knowledgeable, he compared the interior measurements of the case with my guitar and felt it would be a good fit. I should receive the case on or about Tuesday. When the case arrives I will post pics of the (hopefully!) good fit! https://shop.gryphonstrings.com/products/guardian-case-vintage-hardshell-case-12fret-000-new-52250 Thanks for all the input!
  10. Well after much thought (way too much!), searching and following up on leads, considering ease of order, quality and price I think I am going to look into this one: https://reverb.com/item/6945718-new-guardian-cg-044-os-vintage-hardshell-12th-fret-ooo-guitar-case-black I am headed to GC tomorrow to return the Hiscox case I purchased online. If they don't have something different in stock or that I can try out and order the Guardian seems like a good choice.The measurements look like the Webber will fit and it's an upgrade from the CG -020 - OS. Once I finally land the case I will post pics and review. Thanks to all!
  11. Hey thanks for all the advice! I have found some 000 12 fret cases but I admit that the measurements throw me off. The measurements for a Geib style Guardian and the Martin models are basically these: Total Length: 41.75" Body Length: 20.875" Lower Bout: 15.5" Upper Bout: 12.5" Depth: 5" The depth looks to deep, When I put the guitar in my Taylor case it lays in the case at an angle with alot of space under the upper bout. I beleive the Larrivee's won't work because with the L shape the lower bout is 16". What measurements are most critical? Maybe it's time for a gig bag? Nah! The TKL 000 looks good but is not specified for a 12 fret. I think that was the problem with the Hiscox. Looks like there is some work ahead!
  12. I emailed David Webber from the site with no response, that email went out August 8th. From what I have read, he may be retired. Larrivee is a good lead though, I will look into it. Thanks gitnoob!
  13. I recently purchased this guitar. The seller stated that it didn't come with the original case but a nice one that fits. It doesn't fit! I believe the case he sent me is a classical case, the guitar fits but crooked with the right side tuning machines almost touching the inner wall of the case. The neck also does not sit straight in the cradle. I purchased a Hiscox OM/000 case from GC but that fits the same way. Sweet case but it gets returned on Monday! I haven't tried a dedicated 12 fret case, the measurements don't appear to match. Does anyone own a David Webber 000 12 fret? What case came with it or does anyone know for sure what case will it fit? Best measurements I took in inches are: Upper bout - 11.5 Lower bout - 15.5 Waist - 9.5 Body - 20.5 Depth - 4.0 to 3.5 Neck from the 12th fret to the nut - 12.75 Total length is about 40 inches I really like the guitar and would like to find a close fit hard case. My Taylor 414 case works but is not perfect. Best fit so far though, it at least lays straight! Thank you! Any input would be appreciated!
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