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  1. OK, Here's a cover of Summertime Blues done in my basement hobby studio. Used a $99 (new) Epiphone LP collegiate guitar. Singer was a friend, Jaime Pannone. I played the instruments and programmed the drums. Had to use lofi MP3 encoding to make it fit as an attachment, but you get the idea. BTW, Mark Wein, that was fantastic! Puts me to shame!
  2. I've gotten good results from a cascade fathead on the body and an MXL 604 on the neck.
  3. Thanks! Just for a comparison that I am familiar with, does anyone know how they compare to the basic proteus x sounds?
  4. I'm also interested in the quality of the synths. Do they have realistic sounds (which is what I am interested in, e.g. a french horn that sounds like a french horn, oboe that sounds like an oboe, etc.) or are they electronic interpretations (which can be cool, just not my thing at this time..) Thanks!
  5. Wow, excellent! Did you use the Tascam for your A/D converters on this? Which preamps did you use? I really like her voice and the song. I really liked the balance between her voice and the beginning and the end with just the piano. When the acoustic guitar came in and the rest of the instruments I thought that they could be softer - it seemed to take attention away from her voice, and not back it up. I don't think you need anything else out front with her - just soft support in a very Norah Jones kinda of way. Nice job. She is good.
  6. Menjop, Thanks for the reply and the input. I will be listening to others soon. First the disclaimer - I am an amateur with some pro studio experience, and have a CD out that has had some independent airplay here and abroad. The monitor chain: PC out to Mindprint D/A converters to a SONY stereo amnplifier to KRK ST6's. I listen in a dedicated studio that is treated. The song sounds really good - I especially like the bass and the feel. Very crisp. A couple of questions - did you intend for the breath sounds on the lead vocals? Right or wrong, if it were me, I would have softened the guitars on the intro, with a warmer, dreamy feel, perhaps EQ the highs down a bit and add some compression. The LA2A setting on sonitus FX compressor can do that well, then and let it build up to the guitar sound you use with the whole band. Nice job on the song, and nice performance.
  7. OOPS! I tried to attach the mp3 with the "Attach file" function and I guess it didn't work. Here is a link: http://home.comcast.net/~elamberth/RhythmsMastered-less_bass.mp3 Thanks!
  8. Hello! Here is a song I've done recently and would appreciate any comments - positive, or helpful suggestions. I record as a hobby, and use pretty basic stuff - a VTB-1 and Joemeek VC3 pres, then [sometimes] to a samson s-com compressor, then into a tascam US-224 converter, to SONAR 3 Studio (with the sonitus EQ and compressor). I wrote the song (rock instrumental) and play the guitars and bass. The drums I arranged from a sequencer. I plyed an epiphone dot guitar, and the cheapest squier p-bass I could find. I monitor with KRK ST6's. I did do some "mastering". Thanks for listening!
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