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  1. First time I've ever forgot it. Usually I plug it in and leave my keys on top. So I can't leave without it. Saturday was different as my wife had to load some stuff in the car and grabbed them first. I already have another.ipad on order as this one has a crack. live and learn
  2. I had a gig at about 40 mins away from my house on Saturday (solo acoustic). Arrived about 30 minutes before (setup with my bose L1 takes 10 mins). I look in my case and my iPad isn't there! After frantically searching my car, gig bag and guitar Case. I realize it's still charging on the kitchen counter. Now I have a backup bag in the car with a backup of everything-- except an iPad. So I realize it's time to get sorted. Normally I use the iPad with OnSong. I have setlists that flow and it reminds me of the key. The 600 plus songs also help if someone requests something I haven't played in a while. I grabbed some paper, and my mind went blank, but when I calmed down I wrote a list of 30+ songs .Sure many of them were G, C, D specials but I tried to jazz them up with fills and such. Long story short, I got through the gig. A few fumbles that no one noticed but me. I'm pleased I got through but I'm still going to continue with the iPad. I did learn a valuable lesson that I need a backup cheatsheet and that I do need to have more faith in the fact that I know my songs and not look down at the iPad so much.
  3. Octoberfest is a celebration of beer I wouldn't worry about over consumption. Are you doing doing Danke Scheon the old Wayne Newton son? Lots of audience participation. Don't forget to yell Ziggy Zaggy, Ziggy Zaggy Hoi Hoi Hoi after every song too!
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