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  1. Will have to hold off on the trades right now, but thanks.
  2. Great guitar, plays wonderfully, played very little since I bought it. Great shape, a couple imperfections that I couldn't get to photo, and a light scratch that you can see in the hangtag shot. $1500 shipped. Postal Money Order please. These pics show it to be more red than it is, I've attached a pic the last seller took that shows correct color.
  3. Don't use it, so I need to sell it, but it works perfectly and I have had no problems with it. $850 shipped, Postal Money Order, please.
  4. I don't have any extra cash but thanks anyways.....sweet schecter fruit cake I think he was wanting to give you cash on top of the Schecter...?
  5. +1 i like it too:thu: if it was made in usa, i might have just snagged that USA made Washburn for $300? I bet you would.
  6. Bump. $300 plus shipping for a MIJ guitar loaded with EMGs.
  7. Interested in a Yamaha UD-Stomp + some cash? Or a Rivera KH412 angled cab with V30s? No sorry, really needing cash.
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