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  1. I know Im not the first to do an SHO clone, or swirled boxes...or even SHO clones in swirled boxes, but I wanted to do a "run" of these and had fun doing them. I have no desire, dream or irrational belief that I'm gonna put anyone outta business or make a mint doing this. Circuit: SuperFET booster, basically an SHO clone/workalike...no new ground here, but they sound great Finish: swirled w/black bottom plates (silver on #1 and #4)...numbered them to make identifying them easier Full disclosure: some of these turned out better than others...pics show it all, but a few have odd colors that jumped from one dip to the other, some have gaps where you can see primer "holes", some have a weird line where you can see where the ends went under and two swirls converged...#4 has a little twisting around some of the hardware, #3 is worse, and is priced accordingly...probably not as bad as I'm making them out to be, but I'm weird....also, I'm waiting for 8 more knobs, lol Price: overall, I think they're nice, but I wanted better...priced these a little less than what I originally had in mind, take $10 off if you want #3 $99 shipped and PayPal'd in CONUS, add $10 for Int'l (no trades, please...although I'm not immune to GAS, some of this $$$ will be going toward non-gear toys ) I can invoice you, or send you my PP info, but I don't do "gift"....I don't begrudge PP 3% for making it easier/safer for all involved. Just my 2 cents on that, no soapbox. All of 'em And a few examples:
  2. Bump for two more completed Neptunes....
  3. I'll pass on the trade, but thanks. Back to Cullman last year after being in Jacksonville (AL) for nearly 15 yrs
  4. Bump. Fender set sold before I got smart, lol
  5. Bump. Any minute now I may come to my senses and pull the Fender set....
  6. All prices are PayPal'd and shipped to the lower 48; int'l is fine, just PM me Cash preferred, but I won't get offended by trade offers L-R, top-bottom Orange - One-Knob Fuzz clone - $50 Bling Bling - Akai Comp - $50 Blue - 8-bit sounding fuzz - $50 Circle/fabric - Devi Ever Ruby clone - $65SOLD Blue/whale - Neptune Delay - $99GONE Flower/fabric - SHO clone - $65SOLD Pickups 2 sets of strat pickups I rc'd in trade for a build. One is a Fender Custom shop, others are (?)....obviously been installed before, I've never used 'em...before I installed them in my MIM strat, I let the strat go for a higher-end Warmoth build w/Lollars already installed (which are awesome, btw) Fenders = SOLD $40/set a fair price - ???? make offers
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