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  1. I know Im not the first to do an SHO clone, or swirled boxes...or even SHO clones in swirled boxes, but I wanted to do a "run" of these and had fun doing them. I have no desire, dream or irrational belief that I'm gonna put anyone outta business or make a mint doing this. Circuit: SuperFET booster, basically an SHO clone/workalike...no new ground here, but they sound great Finish: swirled w/black bottom plates (silver on #1 and #4)...numbered them to make identifying them easier Full disclosure: some of these turned out better than others...pics show it all, but a few have odd colors that jumped from one dip to the other, some have gaps where you can see primer "holes", some have a weird line where you can see where the ends went under and two swirls converged...#4 has a little twisting around some of the hardware, #3 is worse, and is priced accordingly...probably not as bad as I'm making them out to be, but I'm weird....also, I'm waiting for 8 more knobs, lol Price: overall, I think they're nice, but I wanted better...priced these a little less than what I originally had in mind, take $10 off if you want #3 $99 shipped and PayPal'd in CONUS, add $10 for Int'l (no trades, please...although I'm not immune to GAS, some of this $$$ will be going toward non-gear toys ) I can invoice you, or send you my PP info, but I don't do "gift"....I don't begrudge PP 3% for making it easier/safer for all involved. Just my 2 cents on that, no soapbox. All of 'em And a few examples:
  2. Bump for two more completed Neptunes....
  3. I'll pass on the trade, but thanks. Back to Cullman last year after being in Jacksonville (AL) for nearly 15 yrs
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