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  1. Carvins are front loaded. Marshall and Mesa are rear loaded. It's different..
  2. Are you going to use flatwounds? What gauge??
  3. That speaker has a tiny 10 ounce magnet that just can''t control bass like a larger one can.. Celestion type magnets are typically 35 and 50 ounces. Furthermore, the Depth Mod passes bass past the feedback loop, thereby allowing it to be less controlled. But you should be fine getting a speaker with a bigger magnet in a closed back cab.
  4. Cool. I always rolled toilet paper joints and put them in the springs to stop the ring. Always worked pretty good.
  5. Agree the size of the sig is mildly annoying.. I'll need to see if I can shrink it somehow when I get home.. Haven't posted in this forum in years. Everyone decided to bail just because they changed the format. Kinda dumb, and it's never been the same. Lets bring it back!
  6. Seen that rig with a Marshall pre and a digital EQ. I'm sure it's not exactly like a LP straight into an amp, but close enough I guess. Same with Metallica using the modelers.. Ew.. Cheaper and easier I'm sure.
  7. Did that long before I got the Schecter.. It did increase the resonance, but nothing like a fixed bridge.
  8. Nice looking amp. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors!
  9. I bought a fixed Bridge guitar and it's the best sounding axe I ever had. It makes my Ibanez shredder sound like a cardboard box strung with rubber bands.. But it is cool to have a whammy every once in a while..
  10. It's all about the riffs. There's nothing to jam to if you don't have a song. Nobody remembers a solo, but the remember a melody.
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