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  1. how much on shipping for the 60/60 to 44705?
  2. $32.00 plus shipping and handling ($10.95 flat rate USPS). 8-25FT XLR-XLR cables. These are some generic chinese cables but they will get you through in a pinch. Not the best cable but like I said it will get you through and at this price who cares! I've got about 24 of these left.
  3. and this one has a chance to actually get to you
  4. I've read mixed reviews about those connectors. How much luck do you have with them durability wise? These are them, no? http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=090-308
  5. Whoops, $400...... jk I see you're selling it locally, and I didn't notice you're in canada. I suppose you deserve some shipping bucks in that case. =)
  6. Heh, after looking around the forum even $380 shipped is pretty high for this head. Tons of people saying they picked one up for $300........offer still stands though.
  7. Hey man I'll paypal you $380 shipped right now for the Peavey Ultra plus. I've seen them go for $350 MINT condition all day.
  8. want to buy a zildjian mega bell ride. message me, thanks
  9. Customer service in large business really sucks anymore. There is no more "the customer is always right". I bought a ATX computer power supply from Best Buy. Paid WAY too much for the stupid thing. Got it home and opened it up and it was the entirely wrong model power supply in the box. I took it back and had to speak to the manager who was absolutely sure I was trying to rip them off by asking for my money back. He said "I looked at this, it's not even the same model that it should be". DUH, thats the problem here! I asked him if it was B stock or refurbished stuff and he insisted that he only buys new products. I stood there, staring at him in the face. "You really don't think it's possible that I got a 350w Antec Earthworks instead of a 500w Antec Earthworks in that box like I suggest?" He told me "I just had a guy come in here earlier today trying to pull a fast one too. He had a dusty router in the box." He tried handing the power supply back to me. I told him to keep it and that he will hear about this. Sometimes you need to rattle someones bones a bit ecspecially if it's one of those situations where I would rather give up and save myself from extremely high blood pressure and stress. I do have to say it is hard to provide the level of customer service that I would like to with a business the size of mine. I can't afford to pay anyone to sit around all day to answer the phone, so I've had to take our phone number off of the website. Too many phone calls went unanswered and too many messages not returned. Just can't make time for all of that in my day. E-mail is a much better option and we usually get back same day or at most 3 days later. I do think it should be different with a larger company such as PreSonus though. If you have people whose job is handling customer questions then you should be able to step up to the base on that.
  10. Because I have too many! Sorry for the spam but we really need to get these things out of here. They're good cables, and a pretty ridiculous price, we're barely making $2 profit off each cable!! $4 flat shipping any quantity too, nuts! Haha Take a look http://grendelsound.com/kazozooproduct.htm
  11. My friend bought a Firestudio and he has been having nothing but issues with it. It has a few goofy things with it, all software wise. In all honesty my $200 M-audio Delta 1010LT card blows it to pieces combined with nice preamps on the front end.
  12. Looking for a nice used ART Digital MPA preamp. Let me know!!
  13. Don't want to spam you guys and if you feel like this is it can be deleted! Just wanted to let you guys know we have a ton of 25ft microphone cables stocked up. They're made out of OEM Neutrik connectors (same thing without the logo stamped in them) and good quality cable. We're selling them for $10.00 a pop right now on the website if you'd want to take a look. I think we're barely making a dollar per cable at that price but we just wanted to get them out there. Thanks.
  14. Hehe I'd like to get that just because my friend bought one brand new for $1100 or whatever they go for. "Yeah I paid $500 for this and it doesn't even have that gay ass diamond plate on the front!"
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