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  1. I actually want LESS patchability - this is mainly for performance, not tweaking. It sounds and works like a Minimoog, period. No detectable differences so far. I have yet to figure out how to be able to set my preferred pitch bend range or to trigger the LFO with my controller's mod wheel, but other than that I'm completely satisfied.
  2. I only bother with that if the drums are gonna be part of a final mix. For stuff like backing tracks that I often post here, the internal mixer is just fine.
  3. Its the difference between having a conversational partner and having a conversation with myself, for me.
  4. They really are, given judicious amounts of editing to fit whatever piece of music one is working on. But to be honest, I feel with some of the new VSTi kits and good programming, you can achieve similar results. That being said, I'll take a good drummer over programming EVERY time.
  5. Well, this one ended up released as a single with my "placeholder" drum track still on it... complete with my little "Bonham kck drum triplets" The plan was to have Glenn Sobel play the drums, but he was out with Alice Cooper, and when we sent him the track to learn, to "re-play", his one-word reply was "why?" https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydvlolyumg238jr/Over You Final Master.mp3?dl=0 One of my "tricks", if you want to call them that, is to quantize ONLY the hits that fall on each 1/4 note, and free-hand the rest, including velocities. And sometimes I will go back and nudge the 1/4 note hits as well to match the feel and dynamics of a particular passage. I've done so much drum programming that I've gotten really fast with "adjusting single notes manually", but its still fairly labor intensive. Not only that, the real "trick" with programming is to think like a drummer.
  6. Since I started working in my current format (DAW/Addictive drums) some 8 years ago, I've yet to have a drummer guess that there is no live drummer on my tracks. But I am also obsessive about "human feel" on my programmed drums
  7. No, it's a quote from me. Not familiar with Jamie Faunt.
  8. This is actually something I disagree rather vehemently with. Any beat or pattern from a drum machine is going to lock your practice into a rhythmic feel "straightjacket" - whereas a metronome (on 2 and 4 ONLY) allows you to keep tempo discipline while also allowing you to "breathe" rhythmically. One of the goals of metronome practice is to "make the click disappear", and you really can't do that with a DM pattern.
  9. I know Shachar through a mutual friend, that's how I ended up on the site in the 1st place. I can't really blame them - those guys are PAID now.
  10. Soundbetter JUST announced that they've been bought by Spotify this morning I've been a "pro" member for several years and have gotten quite a good bit of mixing work via that site/service.
  11. Own one? Not in a long time - but I've used pretty much EVERY drum machine ever manufactured between the mid-80s and the late 90s, and all that use was for production. Started out on the LynnDrum and Roland 808/909, then the Yamaha RX series, the venerable Alesis SR-16, Emu SP-12 and SP-1200, all the Akai MPCs, etc... though the SP-1200 and the MPCs were really used more as samplers/sequencers than "drum machines" per se. Haven't used a drum machine in ages. If I need drums these days I put them together in my DAW, with Addictive Drums being my favored VSTi.
  12. I'm having the hardest time finding a keyboard stand extension that would work well for the Boog. I dont want a multi-tiered stand, just a small extension/shelf. This is for live gigs so I want the Boog easily accessible for changing settings on the fly, preferably with my left hand.
  13. I snagged it last night for $199 and noticed the same thing. If people don't mind dealing with habitually MAP-breaking sleazeballs, Pro Audio Star always drops prices after business hours on Fridays, only to have everything at MAP 1st thing Monday morning - but I won't go there, having personally gotten them fired from two different manufacturers for breaking rules
  14. Bill Payne of Little Feat ruined the whole Oberheim thing for me - and that's even before the whole late 70s-early 80s "corporate rock" obsession with it. I mean yeah, it was a VERY advanced board for its time with a highly distinctive sound... but ugh
  15. I like the Sub37 as well, but a) I dont already have one and b) this is primarily for live gigs, and the Boog is way more portable, besides being ridiculously cheap. I plan on triggering it with my VR-09, putting the two on separate midi channels and setting it up so that I can effortlessly switch between the two with one soft button on the VR. Just need to add a little shelf to my keyboard stand. And I'm good to go!
  16. I have a birthday coming up - as you well know, having the same birthday Perfect excuse to treat myself!
  17. Don't have one yet, but I NEED one - those Jan Hammer/George Duke Minimoog leads ain't gonna play themselves!
  18. The similarity of the beauty of music and math resides in two concepts - symmetry and elegance. Both music and math contain them, but that's where the comparison stops. While math attempts to describe and codify the "outer world", music exists to express our "inner" world - ultimately, music is an emotional language.
  19. So basically lots of 3ds and 5ths, with the occasional 4th?
  20. Don't be discouraged... be inspired! I was serious about immersing yourself in those two.. literally everything you need to know about alto is in there! And you'll be amazed how much you will absorb just by osmosis, things will start to appear in your ears and at your fingertips, and you'll go "whoa, where'd THAT come from?!?"
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