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  1. This was the box that made at least the 1st 5 years of my career technically feasible:
  2. Ironically, I learned about all that back when it was a giant pain in the @$$ to make it all work
  3. Red Ant

    Amp question

    Pretty sure there are multiple instances of that sort of thing happening.
  4. Red Ant

    Amp question

    They ought to come with a gift certificate for chiropractic care
  5. Red Ant

    Amp question

    There is also a huge and growing base of user profiles available. I know several guys who are obsessive amp and cabinet profilers, and have gone to great lengths and expense to do the amps justice - high end mics, boutique/vintage preamps, etc...
  6. Red Ant

    Amp question

    Considering the XTC is imho the finest and most versatile multi-channel amp available, that is a tall order. That being said, I think the Kemper is your best bet, as you can virtually "clone" your XTC and JCM800 and then add whatever else you may want/need.
  7. Could you tell me what your reply has to do with the OP and the question Ned asked? Looks like an entirely unprovoked dig at a fellow forum member to me. Warning issued.
  8. It was LOUD. And clean. To get it to really break up you need to be "kills small animals" loud
  9. Red Ant

    Amp question

    Makes sense, since what you do requires a very wide palette. I use a single channel amp and a minimalist pedal board - a wah, an overdrive/ boost, an "analog style" digital delay and a univibe clone. I get more tonal variation with the volume knob of my guitar than anything else, really.
  10. Red Ant

    Amp question

    I suspect he uses his vtx in conjunction with a pedal board.
  11. Hell-adjacent not a big fan of Fontucky either
  12. Every so often, at least a couple of times a year I butt up hard against my technical limitations and swear to myself that I'm gonna re-focus on technique and commit to drilling (as opposed to other forms of practice)... and every time, between choosing to work on my fingers or on my ears, the ears always win. There's just not enough time in life...
  13. Turns out all that is unnecessary - the latest version of SynthTool from Behringer will update your Boog's firmware and then you can set pitchbend range right from the synth tool . Worked like a charm!
  14. Thank you!!! That will make a HUGE playability difference! Going to attempt this shortly. I really hate MIDI/sysex crap.
  15. I actually want LESS patchability - this is mainly for performance, not tweaking. It sounds and works like a Minimoog, period. No detectable differences so far. I have yet to figure out how to be able to set my preferred pitch bend range or to trigger the LFO with my controller's mod wheel, but other than that I'm completely satisfied.
  16. I only bother with that if the drums are gonna be part of a final mix. For stuff like backing tracks that I often post here, the internal mixer is just fine.
  17. Its the difference between having a conversational partner and having a conversation with myself, for me.
  18. They really are, given judicious amounts of editing to fit whatever piece of music one is working on. But to be honest, I feel with some of the new VSTi kits and good programming, you can achieve similar results. That being said, I'll take a good drummer over programming EVERY time.
  19. Well, this one ended up released as a single with my "placeholder" drum track still on it... complete with my little "Bonham kck drum triplets" The plan was to have Glenn Sobel play the drums, but he was out with Alice Cooper, and when we sent him the track to learn, to "re-play", his one-word reply was "why?" https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydvlolyumg238jr/Over You Final Master.mp3?dl=0 One of my "tricks", if you want to call them that, is to quantize ONLY the hits that fall on each 1/4 note, and free-hand the rest, including velocities. And sometimes I will go back and nudge the 1/4 note hits as well to match the feel and dynamics of a particular passage. I've done so much drum programming that I've gotten really fast with "adjusting single notes manually", but its still fairly labor intensive. Not only that, the real "trick" with programming is to think like a drummer.
  20. Since I started working in my current format (DAW/Addictive drums) some 8 years ago, I've yet to have a drummer guess that there is no live drummer on my tracks. But I am also obsessive about "human feel" on my programmed drums
  21. No, it's a quote from me. Not familiar with Jamie Faunt.
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