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  1. In other words, yeah... the "interface" can and does make a HUGE difference... the unfortunate part is that every "inch" forward is generally exponentially more expensive than the last inch you improved. Peace. That being the case, at what point does the expense outweigh the returns? And what would be a good example of gear (interfaces) that meet this qualification? Thanks for your advice!
  2. The last ice age ended 10,000 years ago, so it's hard to argue that the very rapid retreat is part of any 10,000 year long gradual retreat, and that it just happened to occur at the point in time when we started having major sustained industrial output. Well, using you correlation equals causation logic, one can argue that the worldwide decline in the number of pirates is responsible for global warming.
  3. I use either a Shure sm81 (mostly)... or Studio Projects B3... have also got decent sounds just using an sm57.
  4. I always think of bassists as tall lanky guys who are the chill guy in the band, and the translators between the guitarists and drummer You talkin' 'bout me again?!?
  5. Originally Posted by Keithos28 You talk about friends; the greatest friend (to have) is the sound tech guy. Yep... the guy that runs the open mics that I usually attend is also the singer/guitarist in the cover band that I play bass for. Nothing like a bit of good old fashioned nepotism, eh?
  6. Originally Posted by Keithos28 I have been using the VL4 at the regular bi-weekly acoustic nights. The scenario attracts about 22 performers and each performer has about 4 minutes to do a song. I'm quite sure that you're not making any new friends among the other open mic performers by spending so much time fiddling with your gadgets. Especially one that is so busy and has such strict limits on each player's performance time.
  7. Going to have to try stuf to see what sounds you like Tuner: TU-2 or Korg Chorus: Check out Boss. Make sure to try a Small Clone though. Delay: I think the DL4 is the most versatile Overdrive: OCD Actually... the Fender tuner pedal that I posted earlier has worked quite well for me for a couple of years now, and it's only $50.
  8. The rack case on top has a compartment for my laptop so that I can take it out for live recording... it's a pretty neat case.
  9. Check the sig..... Actually, some good has come since I posted the thread. Basically, myself and my band members/associates have formed a promotion company - we already have the gear/crew and have been running shows for ourselves and other bands for a while, and have been speaking to venues who have approached us as a band in the past but felt obliged to go through a promoter for tax purposes. it seems I can make some money for myself, play more shows, and help the local scene a bit. and pay bands for there efforts..... +1000 I hope it works out well for ya!
  10. As long as you continue to play for free, you will get zero respect.
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