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  1. First off, this amp is in outstanding cosmetic condition. It included everything a stock HRDx would include (speaker, tubes, footswitch). It also has had the mod done to it by Jim Price at Omega Amps. For those who aren't familiar with the mod, the clean channel has been made to sound more like a Blackface Fender (think '65 Deluxe Reverb, but better then the reissues IMO). Second, the OD channel has been redone to sound more reminiscent of the OD channel from a super expensive Dumble amp. Very smooth, excellent for classic sounds. The 'more drive' function has been changed to give the OD channel sound more harmonics and sustain. The reverb has also been redone to sound more lush and deep. More details about the mod can be found here: http://omegaamps.com/mods2.html. To curb the inevitable 'why are you selling it?' questions: I am in a situation where I go direct to board for everything now and with 2 small children at home I just don't get to turn it up and am usually stuck playing through headphones. Pics will be uploaded this evening. $700 shipped and Paypal'd.
  2. OFF THE MARKET FOR NOW Looking for another 1x12 combo. Nothing too heavy or too large (trying to keep this portable, so that probably leaves out much over 50W which is more then I need anyway). Must have a great clean channel... single channel amps are fine if the cleans kill. Some possibilities: Omega Hot Rod Deluxe (or a stock one plus enough cash to send it to Jim and break even) Fender Princeton II (not regular as I prefer a 12" speaker, rehoused is fine if you put a standard or reissue into a 1x12 cab) Really any other Fender-style 1x12 amp with great cleans would be acceptable... +/- cash as needed (to a point). As for the Statesman, I'll get pics up shortly. It's extremely clean and is a great amp... I just want something different right now. If you're interested in buying outright, let me know and we can talk price.
  3. wish i had the bux, id snag the BBE in a heartbeat, would be an excellent addition to my dual 5150II setup! GLWS! Thanks Phil. Feel free if you need to sell some blood or something to get the funds. :poke: I might be interested in trades. Don't really need anything right now, though, so it would have to be something interesting.
  4. Bump, added pics. Not sure why Photobucket rotated some of them.
  5. Will get pics up tonight. Prices include shipping (to lower 48) and paypal. I will ship it elsewhere, just let me know where and I'll get you a quote. BBE 482i - w/ box (not sure about manual), 1U rackmount unit, dual Sonic Maximizers on board - $95
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