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  1. A Teisco strat copy. Bought it at some big box department store in the 60's. I think I paid 20 bucks for it.
  2. Original Jackson Randy Rhodes model in all black. Sold it so that I could get a Marshall 50w combo. Never bought the combo. An Original DR-103 half stack. Guy was heading back to Berlin and couldn't take it with him. Was willing to trade for some Boss pedals. Cant remember the reason why didn't do the try but it was probably pretty stupid. Oh well!
  3. I would think at the very least, they could clean the traces and re-solder the connections. I bet that would help alot.
  4. Hi Phil, been out for awhile but still hanging around.
  5. I saw something similar. Cloth wires that went from the input to the output jack.
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