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  1. Gotta get the mooonays.
  2. yeah. Do you want me to reattach it? It and all it's parts are in a ziplock bag on my geetarz shelf.
  3. Well, I do need some new hi hats. I will keep tabs on this.
  4. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this thread guys! I've been very busy and computarz prrolems, etc. The 20" and !8" are crashable and are Paistes.
  5. bummmmmmmmmmmmp. If only I had need for a PS3...
  6. B8 medium is cracked, yes. I was thinking $40 or so. If anyone wants pics of a particular cymbal, just ask!
  7. oh, if I had the cash, I'd have already paid you the cash in full! I want one of these SO BAD.
  8. bumpitybumpity. Just throw out random offers, see if I'll bite. I have 3 amps I'm looking at and want BAD.
  9. any trades? and pics please!
  10. I am Selling: see sig for my cymbals. selling all of those plus a 302 12" splash. 15 is cracked ,31" has slight keyholing I Want To Buy: Paiste or paiste-sounding cymbals. I like to be a little out of the box with my gear, so shoot anything my way.
  11. how does it compare to the tube screamarz?
  12. I'm probably going to put this on CL tomorrow if no one asks about on here tonight.
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