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  1. $350 OBO. great deal! I will also trade this for just about any nice tube/solidstate head.
  2. still have the speaker cranker? I'll trade you a vintage DOD250 for it
  3. Warehouse Green Beret speaker recently retubed no ugly Peavey lightning bolt logo Tweed tolex slight chrome pitting on instrument panel great break up, takes pedals very well also. output transistor recently replaced by Uncle Albert's Will include a spare fuse and ehx EL84 tube $400 obo, would do a partial trade for a 212 or 412 cab.
  4. back to using mine until my peavey classic 30 is in playing condition again.
  5. I want that crunch box... just need o get the cash first.
  6. Semi-related: I saw Capsules last Saturday and their drummer was playing a gorgeous SJC kit.
  7. looking for a midi controller w/ pads, keyboard, etc. I have the items in my sig to trade.
  8. great deal, if that kick wasn't so deep I'd be hard-pressed not to GAS
  9. Some important info is needed here 1. is it a crash or a ride? 2. what are you looking for in either trade or cash? I have some items I would trade, but it would be nice to know what you want. Exactly what I was going to post.
  10. if you lived in Indiana, I could find you a buyer in 10 minutes. Cool cab! Good luck!
  11. I really could use these, but I have to sell some pedals first.
  12. ah shoot, man! You just missed me! I bought a dod 250 literally the day before and I haven't come back and check HC for a while. This pedal is still for sale though.
  13. are you willing to outright sell the sho clone and for how much?
  14. if only you were interested in a blackstar ht-dist plus cash! This is cool stuff!
  15. what's the weight on the avedis? how much are looking for?
  16. I have a Blackstar HT-Dist in Mint condish. $115 obo shoot me a pm.
  17. Hmmmmm... I'm kinda interested in this and I love greenbacks. How much cash are you looking for?
  18. Hey, I'm in Indianapolis. Is there a chance we could meet up? I'm looking at another forumite's peavey classic 30, but if that doesn't work out, this amp would be really neat to have.
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