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  1. Haven't made it over there yet!
  2. I'll do $375 shipped. By the way, how difficult would it be to switch the tubes back if I wanted to?
  3. bump. Selling my amp this weekend, so I will have at least $350-$400 to offer.
  4. any of these still available?
  5. wow!! I'd love to buy this if I can put together the funds quick enough!
  6. can the ss 150 do cleans well at all?
  7. Looking for these amps specifically, but feel free to hit me up about something else. never hurts to ask.
  8. maybe trade for a peavey classic 30?
  9. taking this to a music store today or tomorrow.
  10. I have a peavey classic 30 I might be willing to trade! It's been kept in a smoke-free basement all the time I've owned it. Tubes in it are fairly new. I'll include an extra fuse and EL84 with it.
  11. still for sale! I'll take tube or solidstate heads for trade!
  12. still available? I may be interested if I can unload my peavey classic 30 and dod 250 soon enough
  13. how are the cleans and how much headroom does it have? How does it take pedals?
  14. I'll trade for DOD DFX series pedals. or maybe an octave pedal of some sort.
  15. JMR


    DOD250 overdrive/preamp. vintage yellow. make an offer.
  16. older model, 1990s I believe Warehouse Green Beret speaker (celestion greenback alternative) no ugly Peavey lightning bolt logo Tweed tolex, a few minor scuffs/scrapes slight chrome pitting on instrument panel great break up, takes pedals very well also. includes extra fuse and extra EHX el34 output transistor recently replaced by Uncle Albert's in indy I will trade or do partial trades for amp heads. I need a higher wattage amp. make me an offer. I want to move this quickly, but I would really prefer not to ship it.
  17. selling this because I'm not using it much and I need to fund new amp purchases. vintage yellow dod250 not pretty, but pretty grimey. scuffed up. Missing one backplate screw. functions perfectly. I will include a Visual Sound 1/4th to 1/8th adaptor I bought it for $150, and that's what I'm selling it for. Not really interested in trades.
  18. still available? I might be interested. Maybe we could meet since I live not all that far away?
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