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  1. Sounds like it! Thanks man!! I appreciate all your replies, guys!!
  2. Probably! I like stuff like Minus the Bear, Explosions in the Sky, American Football, Braid, etc...I used to run an AC30 head through a nice 2x12 cab back in the day and LOVED the dirt, esp with a line boost in front of it. Man, that thing was LOUD! Are the new AC15s ok? I think I've heard people saying to get the British made ones but not sure if it really matters. Any idea?
  3. I used to hang around here quite a bit and trust this community's suggestions. I am in need of a nice home use amp for recording. I have used a Mesa F-50 when I used to perform and love the clean and od on it, but it's much too loud for my current needs. My rig is an old mij Mustang>old dirt transmitter> hm2>timebender/dl4. I want nice cleans and the option for some power tube overdrive. Price isnt a huge factor, but under 1k used or new would be nice. Any adcice? Crystal lettuce? I play some Kinsella esque stuff....EITS, MTB, etc. Thanks!
  4. I wonder if the OP ever picked up those Hughes & Kettner pedals (via successful true bypass marketing efforts) Those pedals are fucking ugly.
  5. Explosions in the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. ohey. y didnt u do that would have been funnier but i lol'd anyway, even tho i like this band.
  6. Made in USA. LM308. Will ship FedEx w/ tracking: The pedal is in great cosmetic condition and functions perfectly. Has functioning battery door, as well. I need some $$ for another (non-musical) purchase. Thanks!
  7. M13 w/ Box & Papers - Never gigged, never dirty - looks practically brand new. Switches are all smooth, and has some cool patches on it already.
  8. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2655350
  9. $60 Paypal'd & FedEx'd for the pair. Trades considered. Not MIJ. I also have a big box 90's USA RAT in awesome shape I may consider trading. If interested in any of this stuff, just hit me up. Thanks!
  10. $150 + $20 to cover Fed Ex/PayPal Fees. Why so cheap? It needs some work. I want to stress that it's a mint condition amplifier and has never had any use. It powers up, lights come on, has brand new tubes that glow - but there is no sound. I bought it like this thinking it may be the tubes, replaced them with brand new GT's (power and preamp) and still no sound. Both sets of tubes are included if you buy this amp. For an amp tech or someone with any electronics knowledge, it's probably an easy fix. Unfortunately for me, that's not my area of expertise. Speaker connection needs soldering or something? I really don't know. It could be that stupid easy. Will possibly trade for things, musical or otherwise.
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