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  1. Sounds like it! Thanks man!! I appreciate all your replies, guys!!
  2. Probably! I like stuff like Minus the Bear, Explosions in the Sky, American Football, Braid, etc...I used to run an AC30 head through a nice 2x12 cab back in the day and LOVED the dirt, esp with a line boost in front of it. Man, that thing was LOUD! Are the new AC15s ok? I think I've heard people saying to get the British made ones but not sure if it really matters. Any idea?
  3. I used to hang around here quite a bit and trust this community's suggestions. I am in need of a nice home use amp for recording. I have used a Mesa F-50 when I used to perform and love the clean and od on it, but it's much too loud for my current needs. My rig is an old mij Mustang>old dirt transmitter> hm2>timebender/dl4. I want nice cleans and the option for some power tube overdrive. Price isnt a huge factor, but under 1k used or new would be nice. Any adcice? Crystal lettuce? I play some Kinsella esque stuff....EITS, MTB, etc. Thanks!
  4. I wonder if the OP ever picked up those Hughes & Kettner pedals (via successful true bypass marketing efforts) Those pedals are fucking ugly.
  5. Explosions in the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. ohey. y didnt u do that would have been funnier but i lol'd anyway, even tho i like this band.
  6. Made in USA. LM308. Will ship FedEx w/ tracking: The pedal is in great cosmetic condition and functions perfectly. Has functioning battery door, as well. I need some $$ for another (non-musical) purchase. Thanks!
  7. M13 w/ Box & Papers - Never gigged, never dirty - looks practically brand new. Switches are all smooth, and has some cool patches on it already.
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