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  1. They're all called the (insert color here) one Exactly...or i just say The Carvin or The Camo Dean. Or The V. I'm not one for names...
  2. My first guitar, which is a Washburn WI64, was called "the Bluesbreaker", but I got rid of it because naming property sounded rather silly. LOL so true. I don't feel like I have to name them, but when i do think of them i think of "The Beast": and "Sol": I plan on getting a Silverburst version of my DC127 w/ floyd rose and naming it "Luna". I don't feel like naming them generic woman names will make me love them more
  3. G.H.S. Boomers. +11111111 Love em...but anywho, i use GHS on all of my guitars and my Carvin had that problem a lot. I first thought i played too hard, but then i saw that it ALWAYS came undone at the bridge. My teacher recommended me steel wool to get rid of the burrs. No problems ever since...i rarely ever break strings now. But seeing as how you have 8 guitars that have all broken at least once with them on, i'd say it's time for a string change GHS FTW!!
  4. There's a big difference with cleans and light distortion, but with a lot of gain really I can only tell if there's buzzing or not. yeah i guess that's a good way of looking at it. I heard some good clips on the same guitar with maple fretboard, and then rosewood. The maple definitely had better cleans but the rosewood was great with higher gain.
  5. Yeah, any pup with 4 conductors can be split. I don't think I'll have another guitar with passive humbuckers that won't be at least split. Then i'll bet you'd love Carvin's DC 127's i rarely use my coil splitters so i dont go for them as often as others would. I dont have an ear for tone like many others...if someone played a les paul on a mahogany body, and an SG on a maple body, both with the same pups, i couldn't tell the difference. So i can't tell a big difference in tone after splitting the coils. That's just me though.
  6. Yeah, the C-1's are amazing for the price, and then some. I went to GC expecting to get a Gibson LP Studio faded or whatever, or PRS SE Single cut. I played the C-1 and it really felt like a much better guitar. And the Mayhem set is just what they call two Duncan Distortions (SH-6n/SH-6b). They're great, and with the Coil Split it's a really versatile set. http://www.bluestarmusic.com/Seymour-Duncan-Distortion-Mayhem-Set-of-Two-SH-6-Humbuckers-Black-P839.aspx EDIT - I've tried to do a tone vid, but I'm currently struggling with getting a good amp tone Nice. I've heard many good things about those pups. Lamb of God uses them but since they are passives, then it should be easy to play many genres of music. I didn't know they had coil split though...that would make tonal options more diverse. I am more of an SD Invaders type guy though
  7. Yeah, I have my Schecter C-1 in Drop B/C/D, and my Tele in Standard. When I get my Schecter Blackjack, it'll be Drop B/C, and my C-1 will just be the one for alternate tunings or to do what the Tele isn't well suited for. But I do understand a back up or two for gigs, and a couple different guitars in the same tuning (for styles). Yeah like if they had a strat vs. a Carvin DC model or something then i could see having two same tunings. I hope to get a C-1 sometime too. A friend of mine just got that type and won't stop telling me how much he loves it I'm not much of an EMG guy though. What are those SD Mayhem Sets that's in your sig? I've heard of Seymour Duncan Diablos (and i desperately want them) but i havent heard of Mayhems.
  8. I've often wondered how some people here have 30 guitars that aren't in any alternate tunings. I'm not saying multiple guitars are bad, but still. yeah no kidding. I can understand one main guitar, a few backups and maybe a 7 string or so, but do they really need so many guitars that all have the same tuning? I always tell myself i only NEED a guitar if i experiment with different tunings. I guess that's why i only have 3 guitars
  9. Yeah, for a long time, mainly before I acquired 15 guitars, I mostly played in standard. Then I realized that I prefer playing in D standard the most.I do play a lot of death/grind stuff at home and that's when I break out the drop and low tuned stuff. Here's a breakdown of how the collection is tuned. 4-D Standard 2-E standard. 2-drop D 1-Drop C 1-C Standard 1-C# Standard 1-B Standard 1-B Standard-7 string I had one tuned down to A standard, but it was a pain in the ass to keep in tune. Need to experiment with string gauge and widening nut slots. Or buy a Baritone. I've toyed with the idea of an 8 string for fun, even tried one, but I think I'll stick with 6 and the occasional 7. Decent, I like your organization. I only have one Drop C (my avatar) one Standard E sometimes drop D, and one crappy one i alternate between Drop Bb to C Standard or to Drop B. And yeah im getting a cheap 7 string real soon here. Ill probably switch from B Standard to Drop A. I just dont see the need to get another guitar and put it to B standard if you can just get a 7 string and drop the G a half step :poke:
  10. I use drop C and drop D sometimes. Mostly play in D standard. But I have guitars tuned to B, Bflat, C, and C# standard. Nice. My favorite tuning is Drop C and D. Bb is a cool tuning too. Whenever i talk about my low tunings, some other people normally say "What the hell is that??" Like they need 78 guitars all in Standard E or something. :poke:
  11. BTW you have to be one of the few members on HC that likes Drop tuning also :poke: Everyone tunes to Standard E or D
  12. Clenching the Fists of Dissent - Machine Head Gematria (The Killing Name) - Slipknot Saferwaters - Chevelle 30/30-150 - Stone Sour yeah i know...one of few metal fans on HCEG
  13. zantor9

    Dean Vendetta

    I have played for about 3 years now and have dedicated myself to playing day in and day out. My main guitar is a Carvin DC 127 and this Dean almost matches it in every field. The few adjustments have made it a dream guitar even though it has a bolt on neck rather than neck through. Have not had any complaints about it and do not think i will anytime soon.
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