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  1. At that point I would just get a Chapman Stick for that kinda stuff. Larger range and such. Cool stuff, though.
  2. I have the 4x12 equivalent of that exact cab. It's not too shabby.
  3. I am not a TRUE Seattlite, I live in Mukilteo, but it's pretty much default to say you're from Seattle, as I am sure you know.
  4. From my hometown. Also, this takes the cake. [YOUTUBE]r2wOtjV0xg4[/YOUTUBE]
  5. Well, as long as it works for you my man... :phil: How's the intonation on it? Is there any way to switch pickups? The intonation is actually pretty bad, it has gotten increasingly worse, though. So I think it just needs a truss rod adjustment and all the standard stuff. Well, it's wired in series, actually. So it's like I have two blend knobs for one HUGE ass pickup. I really dig the sound it gets. It sounds huge with both pickups turned all the way up, and when I isolate the bridge pickup I get this cool single coil bridge pickup type sound. It's a very weird guitar.
  6. Haha. I just realized I said the album is called Feelin' A Little Patton, rather than Feelin' Kinda Patton.
  7. To be honest, I enjoy how "off" and untraditional it looks. It's very rock n' roll looking to me.
  8. I it. And I don't feel bad about beating the {censored} out of it, because it's so beat up. Ghettomaster.
  9. Patton Oswalt - Werewolves & Lollipops Patton Oswalt - Feelin' A Little Patton These are the only two I have, but I love them. Listened to them SO many times.
  10. I know, the mods are a complete hackjob, and it has humbuckers. However, it was $300 bucks and it's the most comfortable guitar I have ever played.
  11. I don't post here but I saw this thread and had to post. My favorite guitar is my Musicmaster that has been modded to Mustang with humbuckers status. I bought it like this at a pawnshop. 1974, made of Ash. Sorry for the crappy camera phone pictures.
  12. Hi guys. Yes, with the caveat of "what kind of heavy, specifically"? They have more bottom end than you'd expect, even with the open-back cab, and are loud. It's certainly not a thin sounding amp; dialed in right the gain tones are pretty thick, though the low end is on the loose side. I wouldn't use it for something very modern like, say, Decapitated or mid-scooped old thrash tones, but feed it the right pedals and I'd use it for anything I'd use a stock 800 or master-volume JMP for. If by downtuned you mean sludgy stonery stuff or heavy rock, I'd say go for it. If by downtuned you mean Meshuggah, I'd say look elsewhere. Application dependent, but a tentative "yes" with the proper pedal or pedals. When I had the Sparkle Drive on my board, I actually boosted the OCD with it on occasion and that got pretty fierce and very gainy. (And a kickass tone in its own right) Not something I have a use for in my band, but I digress. A viable candidate if you're looking at an old Marshall, again, depending on what you're going for tone-wise. Look at his quality muthafuckin' review.
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