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  1. stock: i'd go hot head. more flexible eq = more versatile modded: ds-1. there are more easily available mods, plus every kid who thought they wanted to be the next kurt cobain bought one, so you should be able to get one cheap Listen to this guy.
  2. I love the Mastotron and the Woolly Mammoth.
  3. Explosions in the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. This is true.
  4. Man, I'm so excited to see Coheed perform. Dredg is a really cool band too!
  5. The major bumpage of this thread actually turned out to be interesting.
  6. The Eminence speaker in the Epiphone Valve Jr. cab I have is impressive.
  8. Pitchfactor can do it I'm sure.
  9. Yeah, cool mang. I guess its trickier to have an idea of how much you need when you're not paying the bills, mortgage etc. Wanting the same standard of living as your folks makes sense. A dear friend of mine came from a super wealthy family, mult millionares, and they lived at home until they were almost 30. They were dating a friend of mine, who had just started working as a teacher, and she dumped him, partly because she wanted the same standard of living as her parents provided and felt a partner who was a teacher wasnt up to par. Lame but true. that's really pathetic.
  10. I don't care all that much, although it'd be nice to make the same as my parents... (around 90k each year for both). Whatever, I do well in school and do a plethora of extracurriculars.
  11. Get humbuckers. Because, if you're not happy with the humbuckers, it's much easier to find a replacement set. Although finding some mini-hums aren't that hard.
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