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  1. Those bodies are easy to get and built like tanks. There are so many aftermarket windscreens for those. Telefunken uses a slightly shaved off version of the same body. They are everywhere. I have several of these capsules.https://www.telefunken-elektroakustik.com/product/tk51d-capsule-ar-51 They are just "OK" and not sure what the rules are here, but I have a few laying around.😉
  2. Hey, how`d I end up here? Not surprised the CV sounds better. Even looking at the internals of a VR there is no way is going to be even close(having built one to spec) for them to pull off a decent single triode like that vs. even a MUCH less expensive one with the cathode follower like the CV. While not true to the original in that sense, I have had one(not a CV, one I did myself) and it was stunningly good. That will be my next project since I still have 1 power supply chassis left- a "c12" WITH the cathode follower.
  3. I love them when someone else is operating them. God forbid you make a mistake you later regret after really listening...They have to..get the giant tape out..find where you f’d up..transfer the whole thing to digital(per track). Find your F’up again..find something else to paste over your f’up..hope you’ll be happy.
  4. It`s actually way better. IMO, I loved recording to tape MUCH better, but those 2 inch reels started costing a ton. And the editing got real hard. I realized later I messed up singing 1 line. I wanted it fixed. $$ edit inPro Tools, export to ADAT. That was a big deal in the 90`s AFAIK.
  5. Steve Miller apparently never goes out of style. He`s got enough hits that classic rock stations/XM never runs out of them.
  6. I`m nowhere near astute in Steely Dan. I like maybe 5 songs, 2 or 3 being standards (Do it Again etc.).
  7. I`m going with So, just because the E-MU sounds so real on Sledgehammer.
  8. Myself, Oasis Champagne Supernover is the best recording I have ever heard. The saturation is insane! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tS4JTkBXgA EDIT- I know for a fact this is a Neve VR board. I don`t know if the preamps sound that awesome or if they are using external.
  9. I try to roll with the changing ways of “current trends”, which happen to be easy as hell compared to getting a band together and learning the hard way vs. using a looper, a couple synths and a drum machine. I wish I learned about that a long time ago, but I didn’t.
  10. redEL34

    Amp question

    Freakin Monoprice 15 watt. NOS tubes, new reverb tank, Eminence Legend GB128, that`s one hell of an amp.
  11. I hear ya, the internal mixer works fine for 99% of anything. It’s just good practice, and something I never get to mess with in real life, so it makes it more interesting. Especially when you get your own choice of effects. It’s as real as it’s gonna ever get for me, anyways.
  12. I have several apps for that. But by far I prefer Addictive Drums. Split across the channels, like a real drum set.
  13. Whoa! Going to the DARKSIDE! I got a Dr. J Sparrow(Sans Amp bass clone) in the mail today and it sounds GREAT.
  14. I will share this. I once bought 8 hours, $75 an hour, at a really nice studio. I had 3 guys, myself, a bass player and a drummer. A lot of the time was spent making drum samples from his hits on his kit, fine. But we knocked it out in a few takes. It took a LOONG time for my vocals(original 1950`s C12) The guy became really interested in the song. He had me layer it with a Telecaster and a Rick 12 string. All in all, he spent 12 hours on it, bought us food, and had bags under his eyes when he came out. He said "we don`t have these good of songs come through very often" so he spent 4 hours free time because he enjoyed it. I`ve posted this a lot, but I know some are going to want to hear it. So this is an SSL 4048E -Otari MX-80 2" and I don`t know what else. This was recorded around 1998. It`s old news to most everyone here. https://app.box.com/s/4be7250990c926505421
  15. I`ve made 4 or 5 albums(cough) with bands and a couple on my own, with a dedicated engineer. I NEVER liked the click track. There always seemed a tendency for the band as a whole to speed up against the click track as the song advanced, and that was probably because there was never one used at practice.
  16. The Breeze is a great tune. I remember the guy who wrote it died a few years ago. He was either local or regional because it was on the news. Apparently a lot of "other people" wrote those songs.
  17. Yes, every once in a while I still get really drunk:idk:. It’s a big improvement from every day.
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